Evaluating Code of Ethics of Raytheon Company Essay

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In collaboration with government, we intend to provide a valuable public service through running adult correction company of the highest standard (CCA, 2005).

Implementation and reporting:

If an employee notices violation of a known Code of Conduct by law, he is obligated to report it immediately. Most of the Code of Conduct policies are generic in nature and doesn't facilitate each and every circumstance with respect of a code; each employee is obligated to report violation, illegal and dishonest activity in case it's not present in the Code. Apart from that, violation of Code of Conduct can be prevented before it occurs.

Breach of protocol can be reported to a manager or some suitable corporate officer, legal department, human resources or via the company's ethics and compliance helpline. It's helpful to indicate identity whilst reporting a breach of protocol in order to contact the required person in the future regarding the investigation. But anonymous guidance can be taken by ethics and compliance helpline and guidance can be sought. Cases of misconduct are assessed and reviewed in detail and ensured that required information is present to take a decision in an impartial manner. The employees should be fully cooperative and glean information regarding the misconduct (CCA, 2005).

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Essay on Evaluating Code of Ethics of Raytheon Company Assignment

Code of Ethics consists of duties, responsibilities and rights of an enterprise entailing all of its investors. It entails principles, behavior and code of conduct invigorating the decision making process and orienting business processes. Code of Ethics signifies the ideal social contract between investors and the company putting the principles, codes of conduct, ethical criteria for meeting investor's demands and aspirations into effect. In this context, the Code of Ethics is sort of a governance tool to deal with its investors as well as strategic management tool for taking active decisions. Furthermore, Code of Ethics of a company gives an insight to investors into dynamics of a company, its dependability and market reputation. Code of Ethics is a strategic and management tool for a company:

It commands the relevant criteria for fair and competent relations of a company with its investors

Code of Ethics promotes trust between company and its investors

Cooperation with investors is also included

Lastly, it validates reputation of a company and its ethical boundaries (DCU, 2013).

According to the most fundamental concepts of management principles, when a certain behavior needs to be implemented, it must be enforced. Discipline and rewards can be made use of in this case to send signals regarding productive and unproductive behavior. Hence, it means that rewards are given to those employees, who act within the stated principals.

The type of ethical behavior demonstrated by the employees is the difference between enforced ethical behavior in an organization and perception of ethical behavior by employees. Hence the leaders of the organization need to facilitate ethical behavior by implementing robust methods of reinforcement.Studies in ethical behavior have suggested that in case ethical behavior is demanded; then reward framework, appraisal and performance measurement must be restructured to reinstate ethical behavior. An ethical code can be framed by the company to characterize its aims and objective. Apart from that training programs must be facilitated to demonstrate ethical objective, establishing an ethical committee as well as ethical inspection for evaluating the behavior of employees whilst restructuring the reward criteria for promoting ethical behavior and lastly, the company's culture must advocate ethical control systems (Chunhua & Yihan, n.d.).

Keeping the requirements in perspective, surveys, periodically and audits must be done in order to ensure that policies are complied with and evaluate an organization's attitude with respect to ethics. Apart from that, one must remember that existence of Code of Conduct charter can't ensure its applicability, therefore constant monitoring is necessary to facilitate its adherence. These practices can be put into effect:

An organization survey must be conducted in order to assess the employee's comprehension and allegiance to business ethics code

Audit the practices from time to time being followed by contrasting them against the standard policy document (Jaspal, 2010).

Raytheon Company is completely dedicated to comply with its laws and regulations in place and applies them in its business and day-to-day operations. Employees under this Code of ethics are liable for familiarizing themselves with policy restrictions and legal boundaries with respect to their duties and job description whilst conforming to them. In context of these legal boundaries, laws, regulations and policy restrictions, the company assumes that its workforce and directors and rest of the bounded employees remain compliant with the Raytheon Company Way Guiding Principles. They are supposed to maintain strict Discipline with respect to business standards and observe personal ethics while performing their duties. The Code of Conduct consists of bylaws and principle with respect to conduct which are quite delicate. Most of the principles of behavior and conduct are framed in case by case determinations. Apart from that, Code is concerned with important legal and policy laws which the employees of the company are bounded by. The extensive argument on laws and policies isn't meant to degrade other important laws, ethical principles, professional standards and policies in this Code, which are applicable on company's employees and their job description (CCA, 2005).

Ethical behavior of a company affects in performance in the long run. Unethical behavior on the other hand tends to have more short-term advantages which companies exploit all the more and scholars research on ways to motivate employees with respect to ethical behavior (Chunhua & Yihan, n.d.).


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