Evaluating What Makes a Wedding Planner Unique Business Plan

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Alice King Wedding Planner Value Proposition and Market Size and Growth Potential

Company Purpose

The purpose of the company is to provide a luxury experience that is individualized and custom tailored to meet each clients' specific wedding needs with an emphasis on destination weddings in romantic-historical settings.

Problem (gap in the market)

The gap in the market that exists today is precisely this area of destination/historical settings that are often never seen by outsiders. Clients want a unique wedding experience that has never been done before. Brands like Bentley's and Haywood's can only deliver a particularly commercial experience or a pre-fabricated type of wedding celebration that, while sophisticated, elegant and unique, lacks the "historical" charm and refinement that a true Alice King destination wedding can deliver. This gap in the market is driven by elite brands' need focus on domestic revenues due to company constraints and lack of contacts and connections in destination locations. Alice King, on the other hand, has myriad contacts and connections in locations like Rome, Paris, and Cote-de-Azure, three top spot destination places where dream weddings can be staged.

1.3 Solutions:

Value Proposition

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The value that Alice King brings to the wedding planner market is her unique approach to the concept of wedding planning as well as her extensive network of high-end contacts that give her the advantage over other wedding planners in terms of gaining access to never-before-seen locations for the perfect, one-of-a-kind destination wedding. Alice has been in the business of haute-couture since birth -- in other words, she was born into the world of high fashion, elegance, taste, decor and unequivocal design authenticity. Being the daughter of a world-renowned stylist and designer, Catherine King, Alice imbibed all the elegance and high-fashion aura of her mother and her mother's surroundings from an early age.

Business Plan on Evaluating What Makes a Wedding Planner Unique Assignment

Thus, it was in her blood from the very beginning to be in love with cities like Paris, Rome, and Cote-de-Azure. Likewise, her father Louis King being a prominent art collector and barrister, provided Alice with a sense of the finest ensemble of art collections in the world. She was literally brought up steeped in the world of finery, elegance, and taste. Out of this world, she comes to you to give what no other wedding planner can give -- a truly unique, personalized, elegant, fun, and tasteful experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Moreover, Alice comes with a unique set of credentials: her network of clients and colleagues has placed her in a unique position to reach out to various property managers around the world in order to secure hard-to-come-by locations that are the envy of all without access to these exclusive destinations.

The value that Alice King brings also fits in with Maslow's hierarchy of needs in the sense that by meeting the basic requirements of human nature, Alice can build a foundation that the client can climb to enjoy even greater bliss than ever thought imaginable. Alice does this by addressing basic issues first, like the immediate needs of the client -- the shelter/destination issue -- where will the celebration take place, and then the emotional needs -- how will this celebration make the client feel -- followed by the empowerment needs -- how the execution of the celebration will give the client memories to last a lifetime. This is what a true luxury brand like Alice King brings to her clients and their needs.

King is positioned to set herself apart from other brands, as Kapferer (2008) notes is essential in establishing the "preference" that clients formulate when choosing which wedding planner to pick. According to Kapfrerer's Brand Prism, every Brand has six-sides to its essence. King is positioned in such a way that she brings the unique dream of the individual to life in such a way that no other competitor can do. Her particular Brand Prism can be seen here below.

Brand Prism

King's Brand Prism is the following:

Constructed source: Alice King, smart, attractive, outgoing, well-connected, on top of it.

Physical Facet: Unique, Historical, Romantic, Sexy, Fun, Classy

Relationship: The Red Carpet Treatment, Clients are Treated Like Kings and Queens, Guests like VIPs

Reflected consumer: 18-55-year-olds, wealthy, extravagant, elite, sophisticated, well-connected

Constructed receiver: Feeling Unique, Given the Royal Treatment, Everything is Taken Care of, Having a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Consumer Mentalisation: Sees the Experience as Never Before Been Done, and Never to be Duplicated; a Royal Affair

Culture (values): Appeals to International/European Values, Heritage, Romance; Freedom, Abundance, Class

Personality: Classy, Elegant, Like Calligraphy, Unsurpassed in Terms of Charm and Refinement

Likewise, according to Maslow's theory, every consumer has a basic set of criteria that need to be met before a Brand like Alice King can become important to them. King's Brand is based on wealth and elitist culture and appeals to the consumer whose needs have been abundantly met in life and are willing to be extravagant in their wedding destination plans.

Thus, while some wedding planners might appeal to clientele who have a need to feel pampered or who have a desire to be deeply involved in the process, making decisions every step of the way and having a hands-on approach to the celebration and execution of the plan, Alice King appeals to an entirely different set of clientele. King's clients prefer the hands-off approach. They want a planner who takes care of every arrangement personally so that they can have a stress-free wedding without any hiccups or the need to personally involve themselves in the organization of the affair beyond telling King what they want. It is then up to King to deliver, and it is on the delivery portion of this concept that she excels like no other. Her clients do not have to lift a finger to make connections or invite VIP guests for performances or pictures. King takes care of all of that with as much ease as everything else. Her access to the world of elite entertainers and elite destinations is unrivaled and her clients know and appreciate that.

Thus, while Bentley's may offer something extravagant like performers playing piano while suspended in the air, King offers brilliance -- purposeful refinement, elegance and taste that can only be given through total access to the kind of never-before-seen sites and destinations that people only dream about.

This is what sets King apart from others and what drives her clients to come to her and to recommend her to others. She fills a need that neither Bentley's nor Haywood can address, though they certainly do appeal to their own individual market base in their own manner. For example Haywood appeals clients who have a need to feel luxurious. King's clients are already luxurious and don't need to know what this feels like: what they want is a top-down, organized professional who can get them into the sort of place where magic can happen.

1.4 Mission:

Based in London, Alice King's wedding company is an all-access organization that delivers a total top-down package for her clients' wedding needs. She takes care of everything, from VIP guest lists to on-the-day preparations, catering, and post-wedding parties, celebrations, deliveries, photography and more. She is hands-on with every wedding event, dedicated herself and her staff to one venue at a time. Thus, they are very select in who they choose to work with, specializing in high-end party planning, typically accepting only bookings that generate more than 1 million pounds in costs. Because they take few wedding parties every year, they are able to dedicate themselves wholly to each one at a time, from the planning stages to the actual production. Nothing is left to chance, everything is arranged so that the guests and clients are catered to like queens and kings, as they deserve to be on this very special day for all involved.

Thus Alice King brings a combination of style and savoir-faire, a mixture of refinement and hospitality that goes even beyond hospitality: King indulges you with her excess, exalts the occasion through intuitive sensing of what is needed, elaborate staging of the ceremonies, and exhilarating views and ambience through select locations that are rarely viewed by the outside world.

Her mission is to be dedicated to presenting exceptional service and extraordinary affairs for clients, aiming to showcase professionalism and a forward approach to special event planning so that it is a truly stress-free journey for clients.

Key activities of the company include customized wedding planning, intermediary physical presence on the wedding day (Alice along with her two assistants are there to formally and personally ensure that everything goes according to plan), in-house public relations, and a finance team that outlines the complete package including expenditure, discounting, and total cost.

1.5 Why Now?

What separates Alice from her peers in the wedding planning business is her vision, scope, authenticity, ability and execution. No one else in London is able to envision the kind of unique experience that Alice brings along with her years of living in the world… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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