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[. . .] Evaluators should also be candid about any potential conflict of interest they may have and evaluators should also be careful to properly represent their findings and should be alert in order to prevent "or correct any substantial misuses of their work by others" (Scheirer).

The keys to evaluators' effectiveness include: a) taking responsibility for the "diversity of interests and values" linked to the public; b) there must always be a legitimate sense of respect for the "dignity," "security" and "self-worth of the respondents, program participants, clients and other stakeholders with whom they interact"; c) evaluators must show competence when relating to stakeholders; d) there must be a "systematic inquiry" presented by evaluators, using the "highest appropriate technical standards" when conducting their research and investigations; and e) integrity and honesty must be adhered to during the entire evaluation process (Scheirer).

Meantime, revisions made to the evaluation standards were approved by the AEA membership in July, 2004. Some of those revisions include a note that introduces some flexibility into the original principles. For example, the 2004 update acknowledges that "…it is impossible to write guiding principles that neatly fit every context in which evaluators work" (AEA). Moreover, because some evaluators will work in contexts in which "…following a guideline cannot be done for good reason," the evaluators should not be constrained but instead those evaluators should "…consult colleagues about how to proceed" (AEA). All stakeholders should be empowered -- and will be -- if there are engaged in the evaluation process.

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