Evening in the Palace Book Report

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His marriages were happy and he was absorbed in work that he loved: his music. He was gainfully employed and recognized in all his places and his short bout in jail was only inspired due to an employer's envy. Bach spent his short life absorbed in that which he loved and died content with having become one of Germany's greatest musicians and one of the greatest composers of all times. Although h did not know it, Bach became immortal.

One of the greatest influences on Bach was the ethical and quality-filled education that the received from his brother and instructors who lavished on him the greatest care. Parentless as he was, Bach did not lack love. The story goes that Christoph punished his young brother when he discovered he had copied a forbidden musical manuscript by moonlight over a period of six months, and confiscated the precious copy. Bach grew up in a parentless home but by a brother who cared for him and taught him morals. At the same time, Bach received a well-rounded education at the Gymnasium of Ohrdruf where the instructors encouraged his musical talent.

Frederick, on the other hand, received an education that would have destroyed many a lesser soul. The fact that Frederick not only survived but also flourished with the descriptor 'Great' tagged after his name tells a lot about his resilience. Not many of us are able to achieve that.

Bach achieved greatness due to years of unremitting focus and practice. Frederick's greatness came about due to his perseverance and resilience of a different kind.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Book Report on Evening in the Palace of Assignment

Two great men who met at the end of one's life and the pinnacle of the energy of another. Their lives could not have been more different but both can inspire us in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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