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¶ … Manhattan Community Board 4 (MCB4) public hearing on the District Plan for the proposed Hudson Yards Business Improvement District. The meeting took place July 31, 2013 at Roosevelt Hospital with 70 people in attendance. Supporters and opposition of the business development projects were in attendance, and with so many projects on the table there was a definitely a lot to discuss on the table.

For over three hours, speakers discussed a number of issues in great detail. A number of potential projects were brought to the forum, each getting unique attention from both supporters and the opposition. Yet, it was issue 37, or the business improvement district for the Hudson Yards, was really center stage. The plan regards a southern portion of Hell's Kitchen, being within the area bounded by West 42nd and Eleventh Ave. According to the committee, "the specific aim of the proposed BID is "to provide maintenance for the Hudson Park and Boulevard and district-wide services and improvements that enhance the quality of life of an exceptionally diverse population who live, work and visit within the district" (NYC.gov 12). With no question, there was great support for the business development within the community. Nancy Diez, of the 531 Board of Managers at 9th and 42nd attended the meeting, adding that "We look at 9th Ave as Main Street. We love and appreciate BID. We support to take it further."

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There are a number of major components to the new development scheme, with the Hudson Yards BID being renamed the Hudson Yards / Hell's Kitchen Alliance. First and foremost is the desire to generate more open space within the area to increase the feel of open air within the space in question. More open space means a better quality of living for those residents of Hell's Kitchen. Paul, a resident owner and part of the 502 9th Ave Condo Association was excited to see the push towards opening up more space in the neighborhood, saying "I believe and support the greenery of the neighborhood."

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Also high on the list is addressing a number of problematic traffic and sanitation safety issues. On behalf of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Lisa added "Items like sanitation and pedestrian safety are priority. We have a commitment to maintain the park. Looking forward to 2014." With a proposed expansion of the Number 7 subway line, it will be crucial to ensure the community that pedestrian safety is a top priority. The board will work tirelessly to come up with solutions to better protect pedestrians, even with this increase in both foot and commuter traffic that would come as a result of the business development expansion. Micheal Niyola from Cullen house also added that "It's important for the community to work on these issues together."

Also in the highlight of the conversation was the style of the area, not just purely the business development aspects. In regards to revamping buildings suffering from old age and disrepair, there was a general spur within the crowd that was in favor of breathing new life into the community. Laura Krish, Style Development, Part of Hudson Yard BID, spoke in favor of the new changes with the developments, saying that "this is an opportunity to enhance the neighborhood, increase strength and impact. Support means achieving this goal and looking forward to progression." In addition, the members stressed the importance on maintaining and embracing the diversity of the neighborhood as a crucial element to the business development plans. There are plans to keep promises to ensure housing for all income levels and to protect its older housing stock.

With the official start dates still so far off in the future, some projects being set to start in 2014, there is still a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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