How Could Every Religious Faith Be Right? Essay

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Greco-Roman and Christian Thinking

What is truth and in particular, what is the truth about God and religion? Which religion is more truthful about God, the afterlife, and other moral and spiritual considerations? Is truth knowledge, and how to humans know that is true about the spiritual side of life and what is a made-up reality that organized religion has used to attract people to its dogma? The fact is that truth in most cases, when it comes to religion, is in the mind of the believer. This paper uses scholarly references to provide responses to important issues and questions.

Between Religion and Science

Most informed, alert people believe in and for the most part accept empirical science. They accept that what can be proved through repeated research procedures is true. The "scientific method" is based on "impartial repeatability," which means that if the experiment has been conducted properly, any other person following the same procedure can "obtain the same results" (Price, 2008). People that trust the empirical science that explains the origins of the earth, for example, thus believe that carbon dating proves that the earth is around three billion years old.

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There can be no legitimate theory that challenges the fact that the earth is that old because of the exactitude of science in this regard. But on the other hand, people who accept "creationism" or what has evolved into "Intelligent Design," are linked to religious beliefs that reject science. They are of course perfectly within their rights to reject evolution and Darwinism (who posited that living things evolved through "natural selection"), but objective, educated, informed people -- who may also be very spiritual, believe in God, and adhere to the dogma of a particular faith -- more often than not believe in science.

TOPIC: Essay on How Could Every Religious Faith Be Right? Assignment

Meanwhile, a peer-reviewed article published in the Singidunum Journal of Applied Sciences examines the conflict and the connections between religion and science. Duro Susnijic writes that science has not really threatened religion because in developed nations where science "…has been developed the most," there one finds "the largest number of believers" (Susnijic, 2012). On the other hand, though there are large percentages of "believers" (who believe in a particular faith), they do not practice their faith through worship in a congregation.

In Finland, Susnijic reports, an estimated 83% of the citizens are believers in God and a certain faith, but only 5% "visit the church once a week" (96). In England, 60% of the people say they are believers in a faith, but only 10% participate in worship services; and in Denmark the ration is 80:13 (Susnijic, 96). The bottom line, according to Sussnijic, is that any religious belief "…does not have to be scientifically true, but it can satisfy other needs (96).

Truth in Religion in China

Robert C. Neville is an author and Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology at Boston University. He writes that what is "…distinctive about truth in [early] Chinese religion is that is it mediated not so much orally or through oracles," but rather it is "encoded symbolically in Chinese characters" (Neville, 2001). These characters were actually marks made by Shang priest-kings that were formed by "heating the scapulae of oxen or the shells of tortoises," and the marks (characters) were answers… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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