Everyday Statistics in Sports Thesis

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¶ … Statistics in Sports

"Statistics never lie"

Sports enthusiasts (as cited in Camillo, 2008, ¶1).

Statistical Studies of Sports

Each day, a number of Americans, seemingly mesmerized with sports data collections, read newspaper accounts relating raw and summary data about a variety of sports., Donald Guthrie explains in "Introduction to the miscellaneous sports articles" that: "Statistical studies of sports seem to fall into three categories" (Guthrie as cited in Albert, Bennett, & Cochran, 2005, p. 267). These categories include:

Analysis of rules and strategies;

Analysis of extent participation. (Guthrie as cited in Albert, Bennett, & Cochran, 2005, p. 267)

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In the book Anthology of statistics in sports, Jim Albert, professor of mathematics and statistics at Bowling Green State University, Jay Bennett, Principal Scientist with Telcordia Technologies; active in the ASA Section of Statistics in Sports, and James J. Cochran (2005), Assistant Professor Department of Marketing and Analysis at Louisiana State University, investigate the use of statistics to analyze sports. The authors stress that researchers who collect and interpret data do not always limit their studies to only include the major sports such as baseball, basketball, football (soccer to Americans), and hockey. Some have even studied statistics for the game of darts, for instance. During this paper, the researcher examines three studies relating to everyday statistics in sports; noting the method of each study and identifying the independent variables and the dependent variables for the study. The researcher also reflects on the quality of the research processes each study utilized and proffers suggestions for research improvements. For the current paper, the researcher focuses on statistics relating to rugby (one study) and basketball (two studies)

Study I

Thesis on Everyday Statistics in Sports Assignment

In the study, "Differences in game statistics between winning and losing rugby teams in the six nations tournament," Enrique Orgega, Diego Villarego, and Jose M. Palao (2009) report results of the study they conducted using observational methods. During the study, Orgega, Villarego and Palao used "univariate (t-test) and multivariate (discriminant) analysis of data… [to analyze] the differences in rugby game statistics between winning and losing teams…[; to evaluate] the data from 58 games of round robin play from the Six Nations tournament from the 2003-2006 seasons…" (Abstract Section). The groups of variables included the and number of points the teams scored, how the teams scored the points, the way the teams acquired the ball, and how the teams implemented tactical and technical aspects of the game. Statistical analysis for Study I included:

First, a descriptive analysis of the data was done. Second, a Mann-Whitney U (non-parametric) was carried out with the goal of analyzing the differences between winning and losing teams. Finally, a discriminant analysis… was done to find those statistical variables that best differentiate winning and losing teams. Structural Coefficients (SC) greater than or equal to |.30| & #8230; were considered relevant for the interpretation of the linear vectors. All of the statistical analyses were done with a level of significance of p < 0.05. (Orgega, Villarego & Palao, 2009, Statistical analysis Section, ¶1)

The quality of research in Study I, the writer asserts, appears effective as a study's goal reportedly best determines the type of Statistical analysis the researcher uses in a study. The type of statistical analysis Orgega, Villarego and Palao (2009) utilized replicated the studies they reviewed. The researcher for an ensuing similar study may benefit from considering particular external factors in determining "values that can be used as normative data to design and evaluate practices and competitions for rugby… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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