Term Paper: Evil and Sex Slavery in Eastern Europe

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¶ … good and evil as it relates to sex slavery in Eastern Europe. The writer first defines good and evil and some terms that are often related to those two opposites. The writer then defines the terms as they relate to sex slavery in Eastern Europe. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Good and evil have been debated since the beginning of time. Theologists and laymen alike debate whether good and evil exist and if they do what are they driven by? It is an age old debate with age old premises and new twists. Good and evil are opposites of each other and from a spiritual standpoint are involved with Godly existence. God is good, the devil is evil and man makes the choice which one to follow.

The free will theodicy assumes that God and man both own and possess free will. Free will is choice and God gave mankind choice which has lead to evil because of the corrupt nature of the heart of man.

People have often asked the question, why does God allow murder to happen? The answer is simply about free will. If God, who is always morally perfect and God began to interfere and change the heart of those who commit crime he would then be interfering with the entire free will premise that he provided mankind. He allows man to make choices, and those choices show God who is for and who is against the highest power.

Evil comes in many forms. One of those forms is exploitation. Exploitation of women through the use of sex slaves can probably be traced back to biblical times. Sex slavery is a long held tradition among the developed and underdeveloped nations of the world. It involves the forcing of females into the sex industry against their desire or consent. Sex slavery in Eastern Europe has become an increasingly troublesome problem for some time.

In the case of sex crimes, free will becomes extremely questionable. If God doesn't step in and he allows it to happen he has allowed free will of the perpetrator, however, if he does step in and stop the crime he then protects the free will of the victim not to be victimized. It is a vicious circle to say the least but true free will through the work of God involves not getting involved at all and letting humans decide their actions, reactions and consequences.

For one to fully understand the concept of free will as it relates to sex slavery one must have a firm grasp of the definition of divinity.

According to the dictionary divinity means the quality of being divine. A divine being such as God is perfect in all ways including morals and goodness.

A truly divine person should be able to see all evil and a truly divine person should have the answers about stopping evil.

When one discusses evil as it pertains to sex slavery one can argue that God does not offer free choice because if he did he would always eliminate evil. God is believed to be omniscient and omnipotent which allows him to not only understand all things but to be more powerful than all things.

The question then becomes, if God is all good and perfect and pure, and is the most powerful and insightful being in existence, why then would he not stop evils such as sex slavery in Eastern Europe?

God indeed exists and is the most powerful and insightful being in creation. He is the basis for all good and he is the basis for existence. One cannot argue the existence of evil when one witnesses the mayhem and crimes that are being committed against society today. Rape, murder, robbery and Rape are among the crimes in which evil displays itself.

There are several premises that the theory of good and evil work on that almost serve to question the existence of them both. One premise is that a perfectly good being would always eliminate evil because in order to be perfectly good that would have to be the thing that would happen. One that was not perfectly good may allow evil to exist but one who was said to be perfectly good could not sit back and allow evil acts against others to occur.

The second premise is that an omniscient being would know about all evils. This being would be aware that they would occur and would be aware of them before they occurred because this being is said to be all knowing about all things.

The third premise is that an omnipotent being is more powerful than anything in existence. A omnipotent being should be able to overpower and change any evil that exists including crimes and acts of criminals against other human beings.

The three premises make assumptions about God that do not go with the free will theory. However, God chose to give mankind free choice thereby allowing individuals to decide what their actions will be. This provides proof and evidence of God's powers because he already knows what choices will be made and allows them to happen and he could step in and stop certain things from happening but chooses not to do so which allows man to have free will.

Divinity is the act of being divine which in this discussion can sound a bit hypocritical but isn't. Divinity as for this discussion is about being divine and letting man make choices which is exercising the free will that was originally given by God who is all powerful. He is powerful enough to allow free choice which is all powerful in and of itself.

The issue of sex slavery is a problem with moral evil. The world has moral evils and it has natural evils. The case of sex slavery is a morally evil issue because it belies the morals of polite society. It goes against the individuals who are forced into slavery, and it brings down the morals of society by promoting prostitution.

There are several settings and elements about sex slavery that make it a moral evil. The girls who become victims of this problem are provided with false paperwork or documentation and then once they are shipped to the nation in which they will be expected to prostitute their papers are taken away. This is morally wrong and it is based in lies to the girls who fall for the game. They are also kidnapped and forced into the industry of sex which is also wrong and against the morals of society.

For one to understand the spiritual and religious angles when it comes to sex slavery it is important to understand what sex slavery is and how it operates.

DESPERATE women are being sent to Scotland as sex slaves, the Mirror can reveal. They are kidnapped or conned in Eastern Europe and smuggled here via London and Newcastle. Trafficking gangs then take their false papers and force them into prostitution to pay off "debts." England is already awash with illegal immigrants trapped in a life of sexual exploitation and violence. And London's top police expert on the evil trade has warned that Scotland is the newest market. Inspector Paul Holmes said: "It's happening in Glasgow and Edinburgh, particularly with Lithuanian girls. "Gangs in London will sell on women they have finished with or maybe place them into saunas and flats directly. "They work 24-hours a day all year round and they must do whatever sex service is asked of them. "Because they don't speak English they hold up a menu of sex acts for punters to point at. "It is the ultimate in human degradation, and short of murder, it is the worst violation of human rights imaginable." The evil trade in women is well-known as Europe's boom crime, but the link to Scotland is a recent - and shocking - development (Clements, 2000). "

Everyone knows the old story about London sending its broken down taxis to Scotland. Now it appears trafficked women are suffering the same fate.

The theory that women were sold from London to Scotland was first suggested at a conference on prostitute trafficking.

British delegates at the meeting in Holland were stunned by the revelations.

Fraser McNeil, a researcher at Glasgow University, said: "We were told there was a mafia and they were infiltrating Glasgow (Clements, 2000).

They traffic in women in the same way other gangs smuggle drugs, which is scandalous (Clements, 2000).

It is happening under our noses and is a growing problem that has been hidden for some time (Clements, 2000)."

Trafficking has grown into a global business with gangs spreading from country to country across Europe. And the final step in building their sickening empire is to move north of the Border into Scotland's red light districts (Clements, 2000).

Inspector Holmes added: "The Lithuanian and Russian gangs have a route into Oslo and then to Newcastle by ferry but, instead of turning left for… [END OF PREVIEW]

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