Essay: Evolution in the Book

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[. . .] According to this idea, God created man and then women out of Adam's rib. There is no scientific proof behind this viewpoint because it is not based on any scientific evidence. It is instead a theory based on the religious teachings of people.

Not just animals are prone to evolution and adaptation, but so is the larger world on the whole. Humans of course can evolve and have done so from millennia. In addition plants can survive if they are attempting to be grown in an area which has proven to inhospitable to them. A cactus, for example, is grown in the desert but has needed to adapt to drink less water in order to survive in this hash climate. If the plant did not have the ability to do this, then it would very quickly die.

Even the large world has been proven to change, to break apart, and to move away. It is believed that the world was once part of a whole, unified continent which is now known as Pangaea. On this continent, all the lands were connected. However, due to the separation of the continents there are now seven distinct continents as they are known today. The theory of Plate Tectonics discussed how the continents, due to earth activity such as earthquakes or flood, has created seven distinct localities. What is more, on the different continents, fossils from the same historic period have been located in countries and continents around the globe, indicating that the animals had once lived in the same vicinity. Through each rock layer, anthropologists and geologists have indicated how long a certain animal have been deceased in each part. Similarities in the parts indicate pairs of fossils, giving evidence to both sides of the tectonic myth.

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