Evolution vs. Creation. One Can Imagine Article Critique

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¶ … evolution vs. creation. One can imagine how Charles Darwin stirred things up when he developed his theory, considering that the controversy is still so hot today. Recently, Carl Zimmer wrote "A Fin is a Limb is a Wing" for National Geographic, which included an up-to-date look at life's complexity. Biologists are starting to understand how complex structures developed step-by-step from the simplest beginnings. That is, how a gene for a limb in a bat's mole-like predecessor turned a hand into a wing and finally a mammal into the air. Zimmer's article was barely out to readers when Casey Luskin who supports Intelligent Design had written his rebuttal. Intelligent Design believes that nature is too creative to be a natural occurrence, it had to be designed by a more intelligent begin.

It is no wonder that Luskin wrote his comments so quickly. Most of Zimmer's article is a thorough, well-researched and written piece for National Geographic readers -- those individuals who are interested in the sciences and environment, but do not want a highly academic piece with a great deal of jargon and scientific formula. The question, then, is why did Zimmer start out his article with a jab at the Creationists? It could have clearly stood as a well-rounded piece without waving the red flag in front of the bull.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Article Critique on Evolution vs. Creation. One Can Imagine How Assignment

There are several types of articles written for magazines and newspapers -- the news item, the feature article and the editorial to name the major ones. The best journalism is when one does form not fall into the other. News mixed with innuendo cannot be seen as credible -- for who knows what is actually factual and what is assumption? On the other hand, a feature story is a detailed presentation of facts that appears in an interesting form for the purpose of entertaining or informing the average person. Rather than give the opinion of the writer, it weaves together the comments of those who are interviewed. It aims to supplement the bare facts of the news report by giving more detailed information regarding the persons, places, and circumstances that appear in the news column. Once the author's opinion is expressed, then it starts to become an editorial or personal essay. Obviously, the reader can often determine the bias of the publication (and the writer) by who is interviewed and these individuals' comments. However, it is the interviewees' comments, not the writer's that are expressed.

It is not that Zimmer actually writes, "These inane Creationists. What are they thinking?" It is rather that he starts the article off with the debate of evolution vs. creationism and then proceeds on the next 24 pages to show all the reasons that evolution is a working process.

Analyzing the article, there is the introductory two paragraphs that aptly provide the interest and reason for the piece: Readers know now that they will be reading how scientists are learning increasingly more about the complexity of animals. These two paragraphs then lead into three slamming paragraphs against Creationism. Then, the article goes right back to the central theme until very near to the end when Zimmer states, "Doubters of evolution are fond of pointing out that the flagellum, as this tail is called, needs every one of its parts to function. They argue that it could not have evolved bit by bit; it must have been created in its present form." Then, the facts continue until the conclusion of the article, which give a few leftover tastes of the controversy.

Everyone knows what side Zimmer is on in the evolution vs. Creationism debate. So, it is a no brainer that he would see the latest scientific finds… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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