Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells Linked Essay

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Many things could happen, including changes in weather patterns and extinction of populations which would upset the food chains of areas and may have world-wide effects. Sea levels could raise destroying homes and making land go under sea level putting millions out of their homes or dying from drowning.

4. Construct your own chart in order to summarize the geological and evolutionary events of the major periods that make up the four geologic eras of the Earth's history. Focus on major events only and avoid unnecessary detail.



Phanerozoic (540 million years ago -- today)

Cenozoic: first people, mammoths, & other prehistoric creatures

Mesozoic: dinosaurs

Paleozoic: first plants and life forms

Proterozoic (2.5 billion years ago -- 540 million)

Vendian: sponges and multi-celled organisms

Early Proterozoic: first multi-cellular creatures; oxygen builds up on earth

Archeozoic (3.9 billion -- 2.5 billion years ago)

Little free oxygen; first rocks and oceans formed

Unicellular life forms created

Hadean (4.6 billion -- 3.9 billion years ago)

First landforms created

5. Discuss the main application of the Hardy-Weinberg rule in evolutionary biology.

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The main application of the Hardy-Weinberg rule in evolutionary biology is in understanding and predicting future evolutionary changes. He says there are five things which bring about a creature's evolution. These are: low numbers of a population, genetic blending, mutation, natural selection, and gene flow. If these things do not present itself, then the population will not evolve, but will instead remain the same through the many generations.

Essay on Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells Linked Assignment

6. In a population with 600 members, the numbers of individuals of three different genotypes are AA=
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