Evolution of Health Care Information Essay

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" (Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center.

Implementation of Health Information Technology Systems has resulted in higher efficiency for physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. As well, Electronic Health Records have enabled more safety in prescribing medication to patients since physicians can view what the patient is presently being prescribed by other physicians and avoid prescribing medications that will interfere and interact badly with medications that the patient is already taking.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Evolution of Health Care Information Assignment

Other advantages of Electronic Health Records is the immediate access to patient health information so that the individual who has a history of heart attacks, strokes, or the patient who is allergic to specific medications or allergic to bee stings can receive the most appropriate treatment possible in emergency situations that are life-threatening. There were many predictions made about the changes that technology would bring to the health care environment. For example, Wang (2003) stated that Electronic Health Records would result in a reduction in healthcare costs, improve efficiency and productivity, and outweigh the costs from year 2 of the EMR implementation. Walker (2005) predicted that Electronic Health Records and health care information exchange and interoperability would result in "fully standardized and implemented health care information exchange and interoperability" that would 'yield a net value of $77.8 billion per year…" (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) HIT is such that has as its primary goals the increasing of "the extent to which the patient is at the center of his or her health care." (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) There are ten studies reported that conducted an assessment of computer-generated reminders. It is reported that of these, 'seven assessed the use of the reminder program to improve the delivery of preventive care such as mammography and immunizations. All studies reported "greater use of preventive services by patients- or the physicians of patients -- who received computer-generated reminders." (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) Also reported is a study that tested the effectiveness of the use ComputerLink which is an alternative to traditional caregiver support services such as provided by support groups, and health education programs. This was tested in a 12-month randomized trial in family caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease. It is reported that when compared with the control group with no access to ComputerLink, caregivers in the experimental group reported more improvement in caregiver strain." (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) Five studies are reported that conducted assessment of consumer health informatics in various areas and stated that interventions included "a clinical trial of an interactive computerized patient education system in family practice; and assessments of the effects of computer tailored smoking cessation in family practice, the effectiveness of a computer-generated patient health summary in changing patients' knowledge, attitudes, and behavior concerning health promotion,1and the use of self administered computerized assessments for psychiatric disorders in patients in primary care" (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) It is stated that all of the studies reported "benefits of the computerized health informatics system. A review of 37 studies of computer-generated health behavior interventions intended to motivate individuals to adopt various treatment regimens concluded that such systems are effective." (Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, nd, p.1) In summary, the use of Health Information Technology Systems has advanced the effectiveness and accuracy of treatment provided by today's hospitals and physicians. The capacity exist for improved accuracy, improved diagnosis and prescribing of medications and improvements in gaining quickly accessed information to optimize the treatments provided to patients in the healthcare environment of contemporary times. When comparing the physician's office or the hospital environment today as compared with that of 20 years ago, the transformation that has occurred is clearly evident. Health Care Information Systems have transformed the way that health care services are accessed and administered in today's health care environment.


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