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(Vila, 1997) By allowing the least aggressive, most tame and sociable among humans to reproduce, humans developed an entirely unique species: the dog, Canis familiaris. (Morey, 1994) From those beginnings, humans then continued to select for a variety of different traits creating more than 400 different breeds of dogs. Humans chose for physical traits like appendage size, shape of skull, or color, but also chose for behavioral traits like tameness, playfulness, herding, guarding, barking, or other traits that pleased their human masters. (Honeycutt, 2010)

A similar thing happen in the cat "Family," Felidae, when cats spread around the world and encountered new environments. As a result of living in these different environments for many generations, nature selected different traits for different members of the cat family; like the stripes of the Asian Tiger, or the mane of the African Lion. Humans then took a small version of a wild, carnivorous cat, and by choosing for specific traits over successive generations, much like with the dog, created the Felis catus, or the housecat. (Driscoll, 2009)

Humans have, over many thousands of years, taken a natural process by which organisms change, and adapted it to their own purpose. By selecting for specific traits in animals, humans have succeeded in creating entirely new species. As a result human society is filled with human created species of animals meeting every need.


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Vila C, et al.,…
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