Evolution of Religious Tolerance in Colonial America Research Proposal

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Evolution of Religious Tolerance in Colonial America

The role that women in colonial America had upon the shaping of the American life style

The purpose of the present paper is to understand the social mechanisms which contributed to the shaping of the cultural reality which we nowadays call "America." Since the issue is extremely complex, the paper will focus upon a single category of factors which influenced its development, that is the women living in the colonial period.

Life during colonial times was very hard. The economic situation forced everybody to work very hard, not in order to strive, but in order to survive. Stability was not an element that one could often meet, at least not at social level as far as the family was concerned. Religion on the other hand played a fundamental role in shaping society and social customs. The role of mothers in the process of education was fundamental. The manner in which their "female" mentality and life style influenced those of the future America is the issue this paper focuses upon.

Scope: I will engage in a profound analysis of relevant material discussing the issue. Since the chosen period is relevant from a variety of perspectives, it becomes all the more interesting to see how and on what bases the female identity was created in this particular cultural background.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Evolution of Religious Tolerance in Colonial America Assignment

In addition it is just as interesting to understand the mechanisms through which these women influenced society at their turn. Is there a contemporary social reality the roots of which are to be found among the life style and mentality of American women living during colonial times? Through… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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