Evolution ? Sharma S, Kunimoto Dy Research Proposal

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Evolution ?

Sharma S, Kunimoto DY, Garg P, and Rao GN. "Trends in antibiotic resistance of corneal pathogens: Part I. An analysis of commonly used ocular antibiotics." Indian J. Ophthalmol [serial online] 1999

The authors of this study examine bacterial keratitis as the primary pathogen and analyze it root causes as well as the effects of antibiotics that are commonly in use in the current treatment of the disease. They also focus on two age groups that are particularly susceptible to this disease, the elderly population and the pediatric cohort. Both are sensitive to the debilitating effects of this pathogen. The authors hope to refine and improve the current diagnostic procedure and treatment of the disease.

Part I of this series is addressed mainly to community-based ophthalmologists who do not have access to extensive microbiology facilities, and discusses the in-vitro effectiveness of commonly used ocular antibiotics describing their coverage of bacterial species, in the hope that this information will aid in the decision-making of empiric initial treatment. (Sharma, Kunimoto, Garg, & Rao)

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Bacterial keratitis is a sight-threatening degenerative disease. One particular dangerous feature of this pathogen is its rapid progression. Complete corneal destruction may occur in under forty-eight hours with some of the more virulent strains of the bacteria. Corneal ulceration, stromal abscess formation, surrounding corneal edema, and anterior segment inflammation are primary characteristic of this infection. (Murillo-Lopez)

Research Proposal on Evolution ? Sharma S, Kunimoto Dy, Garg Assignment

According to the authors the main purpose of this study was "…to analyze commonly used ocular antibiotics and determine their in-vitro efficacies against bacterial keratitis pathogens." (Sharma, Kunimoto, Garg, & Rao) the method used was first a review of the microbiology records held at LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. In these records they identified 1,633 bacterial keratitis isolates and using standard methods they obtained corneal scrapings which they cultivated in culture dishes to produce strains of the bacteria. They presented the following results after testing seven antibiotics in table 2 of their article, table 1 for this review.

Table 1: (Sharma, Kunimoto, Garg, & Rao)

For ophthalmologists without access to microbiology facilities and treating patients on an empirical basis, [Table - 2] provides information which may guide the clinician in making a decision when a change in antibiotic is necessary due to an unsatisfactory clinical response to initial antibiotic therapy. (Sharma, Kunimoto, Garg, & Rao)

However, the authors' results propose that no one antibiotic they had tested would be "appropriate… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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