Ex Offenders the United States Research Paper

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Programs offered on a community or a state level go on to make the patient feel more secure about their place in the society. The patient feels encouraged and motivated if he attains support and advice on how to reintegrate. There are many programs present today which aim at making the transition from prison to home easier. One such program is the R.I.S.E program that is present in Philadelphia

R.I.S.E program

This program has been started with the name of RISE in Philadelphia and is short for reintegration services. This program was basically initiated to aid the transition from incarceration back into the community. It goes on to use direct services and partnerships with other agencies in order to successfully integrate the ex-offenders back into the society. RISE basically recognizes those individuals that have the potential to attain decent skills and training. Therefore, they give the individuals the required training, education and skills required to compete in the formal economy. Their major aim is to make sure that the formerly incarcerated earn enough skill and education to earn living from a decent source. This not only makes them a better person but it also improves the public safety. RISE basically offers substance misuse treatment, case management, behavioral health services, vocational training, employment services and educational services.

Even though RISE is not an employment agency, it has been association with a network of employers. It basically makes sure that people enrolled in the program will go on to be eligible for these jobs. It communicates with the employers and helps the persons enrolled get a decent job.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Ex Offenders the United States Assignment

Some of the lie skills that it offers are community and person responsibility skills. It also has men 2 men focus groups where men are challenged to figure out their feelings and how they feel about their current condition. It also provides the persons with anger management workshops and conflict resolution workshops. RISE has basically associated with Urban Creators and Habitat for community. These places therefore enable the ex-offenders to perform community service. It The individuals are also encouraged to meet with the city council members and discuss their views regarding different conditions. This is important because it makes them feel as a significant part of the society and that their opinions are also heard.

One strength of this program is the affiliation that it has with the employers and job networks. This affiliation is crucial because it provides hope for employment for the ex-offenders. These people know that the organization would give a good reference and thus they would not be judged on their past. Furthermore, this affiliation also ensures that most of the ex-offenders attain a job and that becomes their starting their point in their journey to change.

One weakness of this program is that it is only limited to the people in the state of Philadelphia. I believe that programs like these should work in sync with each other and transfer their knowledge from state to state. All Americans should be offered the same services from any program in any state. This will show that the programs are working in coordination with each other and this will ensure an increased success rate.


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