Examine the Affect of Technology in Lodging Operations Research Paper

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Internet and the Lodging Industry

In the recent past, a hotel has been described as a 'home away from home'. This brings out the images of a cozy, comfortable room set in a friendly, hospitable environment. Like many households which have increased the number and sophistication of electronic gadgetry.

Hotels have also adjusted to keep pace with the prevailing and highly dynamic consumer trends. The quality of guestrooms, television sets, entertainment systems, audio/video devices, telephones, comfort provisions and the likes has become critical to the discerning business traveler. In many ways, the role of the guestroom is expanding to mirror the productivity and amenities of the traveler's office environment. Current guestroom designs include efficient workspaces with desktop PC, wireless.

The lodging industry has always prided itself of providing a guest experience that is a combination of tangibles and intangibles. In recent years, with the increased adoption of information technology, the new entrants in any industry tend to introduce new capacity and desire to gain substantive market share and enough resources. In this regard the internet as an interconnectivity source has high entry standards, which all the new entrants into the hotel industry would like to ensure they exploit to the maximum. It has proven over time to be the cheapest yet most effective means of marketing as Nick Nikolos (2011) notes.

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Consumers through the internet can access electronic brochures and booking forms distributed by tour operators and the lodging entrepreneurs. This helps in the distant reservations and ease of comparison for would be client without necessarily being in that part of the world as would be the ordinary case. Thus the approach has a number of important benefits to tour operators and the lodging business as a whole. They include among many the concentration on niche markets which offer customized packages and the ability for tour operators to update brochures on a regular basis (Christoph Muller, 2011).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Examine the Affect of Technology in Lodging Operations Assignment

The internet also empowers the consumer in such a manner that there is the provision of tailor-made products which meet their individual needs, this bridges the gap between the consumer and the firm offering consumer services in a flexible and interactive manner which in return improves the relationship between the two parties. Once the client has informed the lodging operator about the needs that he has and the specific requirements, the lodging operator is able to respond accordingly to the client as to what they can be able to tailor-make and those they cannot all via the internet making work easier for the hotel lodging operator.

As a channel of distribution the internet has helped consumers to search for travel agents online, compare prices of the same product offered by different firms and make reservations for hotel rooms, air tickets and so forth without necessarily being physically present at these varying offices.

The Internet has been of great help to lodging operators in that they have access to new customers on a global basis twenty four seven and enables them to streamline operating procedures. The industry also uses the internet to integrate day-to-day activities such as sales, marketing and distribution of their product as well to aggregate demand of the product in order to drive down prices on the procurement side this enables them to maximize on the returns. Apparently all major accommodation service companies have websites where one can get crucial information and details and even the location and all ranges of services… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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