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¶ … Met My Husband: An Examination

Nearly every woman remembers how she met her husband: one would be hard-pressed to find a woman who would not remember such an event. Such a story tends to be seared onto the minds and hearts of women everywhere, regardless of how dull, ordinary or remarkable the story is. Alice Munro's story entitled "How I Met My Husband" allows the reader to taste once again the wonder and uncertainty of youth, along with the pain and excitement of first love. As Munro demonstrates, the lesson is contained in the journey: even though humans falter, fail and make mistakes, the path that is travelled is the one which one is supposed to be on -- even if the results achieved are unplanned and unexpected -- one learns and discovers just the same. More than anything, Munro's story makes a strong case for the organization of the universe, and the greater force working on the behalf of all humans. The story demonstrates how the thing one sets one's sights on receiving, can actually just be the vehicle for getting the thing one is meant to have.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Examining Alice Munro Assignment

Munro's story of Edie and her encounters with the pilot have all the romance, tenderness, and sweetness that is necessary for a story of first love. However, it's exactly these attributes which Munro deftly uses to show ultimately at the end of the story, that sometimes the makings of real love aren't romantic or tender, but actually very ordinary. Munro is able to do this so cleverly, as she demonstrates that sometimes love -- the thing that people associate with romance -- can sometimes flourish right under our noses, in the most commonplace manner. In this case, Munro makes a strong case in presenting Edie's encounters with the pilot as dreamy and passionate, but largely based on infatuation and appearance. Consider the following statement: "He put the cake away carefully and sat beside me and started those little kisses, so soft, I can't ever let myself think about them, such kindness in his face and lovely kisses, all over my eyelids and neck and ears, all over, and then me kissing back as well as I could… and we lay back on the cot and pressed together, just gently, and he did some other things, not bad things, or not in a bad way. It was lovely in the tent, that smell of grass and hot tent cloth beating down on it, and he said, "I wouldn't do you any harm for the world'" (Munro, 142). In this excerpt, Munro truly succeeds in creating an atmosphere of romantic intimacy: the tent described is like a lovely cocoon between these two people, and there's this profound sense of privacy and sharing. Munro paints a vivid portrait of the lovely summer day, the sense of gentle excitement and passion between these two people, and the needs fulfilled between them. There's a sense of romance, excitement and safety. The tent described is like an isolated planet where just the two of them exist. While this is highly romantic, Munro, by creating… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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