Examining a Business Failure Essay

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Chrysler Business Failure

Examining a Business Failure

Differences in perception and contributions in the merger between Daimler and Chrysler can remarkably easily explain the failure of Chrysler. The two parties in the merger came in as equal partners where their financial and economic information was not sufficient to hold the mergers together. According to Badrtalei J. And Bates D. (2007)

, the cultural incompatibility between the two failed to provide the meshing and cohesive attributes of organizational success.

Reasons for business failure

The two organizations, lacked understanding in personalities, technological systems, nationality and cultures contributing to the realized failure. In less than two years of the merger, top executives from America had either retired, fired, left, or replaced by German employees. The level of employee job satisfaction was lowest bringing about low productivity and unwarranted anxiety in the management and staff relation. On the overall, lack of motivation from the employees and the loose cultural ties in the organization contributed to the business failure Badrtalei J. & Bates D., 2007()

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Individual expectations and commitment towards an organization are elaborate depending on the system of trust within the organization. In driving an expectations and commitment, there is a need to present a unified course of action. The course of action needs to be one that the employees and the management team own up to and upholds. The course of action needs to be intertwined with the overall goals of the company. There should be no neglect to the uniqueness of the company and employees' attributes Badrtalei J. & Bates D., 2007()

The development of a company's strategic plan needs to reflect the overall objectives and goals of the company. This will require incorporation of a feedback and evaluation platform to help employees recognize their role and purposes in managing and improving their own careers. The culture of the organization and its communication will serve to ensure that the individual employees and the management team shares a unified measure to achieve the organization's goals.

Essay on Examining a Business Failure Assignment

Failure to ensure the company's goals are uniquely linked to the employees' career objectives and the failure to ensure the organization did not conflict with the individual, contributed to business downfall. Culture shock and conflict demote a cohesive working environment that is a prerequisite for good communication and implementation of a company's objective Badrtalei J. & Bates D., 2007.

Presences of intercultural communication set an ideal platform for the organization's success especially so where two different entities come together for a common goal.

In undertaking the merger, the company came short of evaluating how the team would be impacted. The impact of an individual on the team performance is not of relevance as their contribution. The individuals' contribution is influenced by how they fit in the team and work as a unified front towards the overall goals. The organization… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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