Examining the Synthesis of Information Dissertation

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Social Media

Modern social networking has become not only part and parcel of the new marketing world, but a fact of political and professional life. Social networking has been part of culture since humans coalesced into groups, but modern social networking sites began to become popular when two things happened: a large enough threshold of users who had reliable and regular access to the Internet or phone service with Internet applications, and when technology allowed for speed and ease of use so that younger users would have the ability to utilize these networks as their own relationships evolved. It is now the Internet, miniaturization of tablet PCs and cell phones, the ability for texting, video and inexpensive service access that allows almost everyone in the developed world to have the opportunity to network through these social organizations. (Cross and Parker, 2004). In fact, daily millions of users integrate social networking cites (SNSs) into their daily lives (MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, BeBo, Google, Yahoo, and more). The key technological features in these SNSs are fairly consistent, but the cultures that emerge are somewhat varied. While the implications vary from genre to gender; information, interaction, persuasion; social networking has absolutely changed the political, social, and business landscape (Following the Fashionable, 1988).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Dissertation on Examining the Synthesis of Information Assignment

Social network sites are defined as web-based services that allow an individual, or group, to: 1) construct a public or semi-public profile within an agreed upon system, 2) choose and interact with a list of other users whom they share, or wish to share, a connection, and 3) view and transverse their list of connections, interact, and evolve the network. What makes SNSs so unique is not so much that they allow individuals to meet others in a regular manner that is robust and knows no boundaries. While chat boards have been up and running for several decades, the new social networks enable users to both articulate and envision their social networks. This often results in connections that would not otherwise have been made (example globally, regionally, etc.),, but also the chance to interact with people and concepts that would normally be outside the bounds of one's ability… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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