Exercise and the Cardiovascular System Term Paper

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¶ … cardiovascular system in a positive way, then how exercise also positively affects aging, obesity, the muscular and respiratory systems. The cardiovascular system is a complicated and yet surprisingly delicate system of the human body. Many scientists, researchers, and physicians complete studies every year on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and consistently, these studies show exercise can play an important part in reducing the instance of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise should be an important part of everyone's life, because it is simply good for everyone. It is well-known, even among sedentary Americans, that exercise has a positive affect on the heart and lungs, and it can improve heart health. Many physicians and experts acknowledge that aerobic exercise is extremely effective in promoting heart health. These doctors note, "This would appear also to be the case in understanding the relationship between reactivity and aerobic fitness. One of the consequences of aerobic-exercise training is a reduction in resting heart rate and blood pressure" (McCabe, Schneiderman, Field, & Wellens, 2000, p. 197). Reducing the heart rate and blood pressure leads to better cardiovascular health, and can help, along with a healthy diet, maintain this cardiovascular health throughout life.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Exercise and the Cardiovascular System Assignment

Heart health is extremely important in modern life, when a majority of Americans are overweight and out of shape. Studies show "Exercise can also be used in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and can decrease mortality and morbidity rates. This aggregate body of research substantiates the importance of engaging in a habitual exercise regimen" (Glaros & Janelle, 2001, p. 42). One specific exercise study looked at 113 men and women ages of 18 and 35. Some of the participants were sedentary, and some already exercised. The study included many different aspects, including cardiovascular health. The authors of the scientific study note the results of the cardiovascular portion of the study:

Cardiovascular fitness was estimated using participants' recovery heart rate. The test chosen was the submax YMCA 3-Minute Step Test, which requires participants to step onto a 12-inch high platform for 3 minutes at a rate of 24 steps per minute. Participants are instructed to sit immediately after the three minutes. Within five seconds of the completion of the test, a skin palpitated recovery heart rate was taken at the radial artery for one minute. The 3-minute step test was administered both at the onset of the study and again at its completion, and the changes in recovery heart rate were used to estimate changes in cardiovascular fitness levels (Glaros & Janelle, 2001, p. 42).

When the study was over, after a number of weeks, all the participants enjoyed improved cardiovascular fitness (Glaros & Janelle, 2001, p. 42). Thus, this study shows that cardiovascular health can improve in young people, too.

Exercise is simply good for the body. Not only does it improve cardiovascular health, it provides health benefits in many other areas, too. Regular exercise can slow down the effects of aging on the body and on the mind. Another exercise expert notes, "In particular, regular exercise and nutritious eating prevent rising levels of body fat so often linked to a myriad of chronic health difficulties. Keeping fit greatly reduces your risk of medical problems and injuries," and continues, "Longevity is not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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