Exercise Physiology Research Paper

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2. Background for the Study: Here, the authors sought to see whether "capacity [to exercise] declines with age and improves with exercise training," as well as "whether changes in oxygen efficiency, defined as the oxygen cost per unit work, contribute […] to the effects of aging or training […]."

3. Methods Employed in the Study: The method utilized by authors consisted of a sample of 61 subjects that were separated into the following groups: younger women (ages 20 to 33 years, n = 15), younger men (ages 20 to 30 years, n = 12), older women (ages 65 to 79 years, n = 16), and older men (ages 65 to 77 years, n = 18). According to the authors, "all subjects underwent cardiopulmonary exercise testing to analyze aerobic parameters before and after three to six months of supervised aerobic exercise training."

The most interesting thing to learn from the study is found in the fourth and fifth pieces of data, which are the results and the conclusions, respectively. These are as follows:

4. Results: The study found that before training, younger subjects had a higher exercise capacity and were able to take a higher intensity. However, with training, it was older subjects that displayed these characteristics, much to the amazement of the researchers.

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5. Conclusions: Due to these incredible results, it was concluded that older age "[…] is associated with […] decreased exercise efficiency and an increase in the oxygen cost of exercise, which contribute to a decreased exercise capacity. These age-related changes are reversed with exercise training, which improves efficiency to a greater degree in the elderly than in the young."

Article 4: Fatigue during Exercise by Linda Ray (Source: )

TOPIC: Research Paper on Exercise Physiology the Paper Discusses Assignment

The fourth article describes how fatigue can affect exercise. The article takes the form of a counselling piece, separated into five parts, all of which offer advice to the reader in that which regards exercise, which is how the reader learns about combating fatigue while exercising. Thus, the article teaches with every line. It begins, for instance, by explaining that while a person may feel fatigue during the first half of the exercise period, this may dissipate as he or she continues the exercise. Furthermore, the advice given by the article is to eat properly, know one's body and never push it to the brink, and be aware of potential medical concerns that may arise as a result of the exercise. This is all great advice to exercise not only often, and increase performance, but do so in a gradual and healthy way.

Article 5: Exercise: 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity by Mayo Clinic Staff (Source: )

The last piece builds upon all the advice offered in the previous articles. The seven benefits of regular physical activity, according to the article, are: controlling one's weight, combating potential diseases, improving mood, boosting energy, sleeping better, having a better sex life, a last but not least, having fun. These positives, as evidenced here, can only improve one's life, and the article highly advocates exercise by describing them in detail. One can learn from this piece, as the one above, by seeing, first and foremost, that exercise, if anything, can prevent such diseases as cardiovascular disease, which is very common in Americans.

The basic facts are that exercise promotes healthy living, which is not something that all Americans are undertaking right now, but something that all should strive towards. What can be learned from this article is that there is a culture that exercise can promote, and a mental state, which is superior to that of a person who does not exercise regularly. Thus, if one wishes to be healthy, he or she must exercise, without a doubt. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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