Term Paper: Exercise and Proper Diet: Solutions

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[. . .] It also increases blood pressure, which is the primary reason why smoking is harmful to the health of an individual (aside from lung cancer) (Heartsavers 2003).

Physical inactivity or lack of exercise also causes heart diseases. Aside from lowering the blood pressure of an individual, exercise greatly contributes to the replenishment of oxygen-carrying blood to the circulatory system, particularly the heart. When a person lacks exercise and leads a completely inactive life, the bodily functions slow down, hindering and slowing down the maintenance of an individual's body health. Lack of exercise thus results to higher blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, plus the development of the body to obesity. Improper food diet, meanwhile, is also essential in the maintenance of a good, healthy body free from heart diseases. A variation of food rich in vitamins and minerals that help build a strong immune system from diseases will prevent the development of heart diseases from occurring in the body. Aside from providing the essential nutrients needed to develop a strong body, a proper food diet will help balance these nutrients in the body. If this is not achieved, obesity will develop, furthering one's susceptibility to have a heart disease. Alcoholism is also a popular and prevalent problem that remains one of the main causes of heart diseases. Alcoholism results to high blood pressure because alcoholic drinks are rich in high triglycerides, substances that cause high cholesterol in the blood ("Risk Factors" AHA 2002).

Indeed, AHA's research on the prevalence of heart diseases in America shows how an unhealthy physical body and lifestyle contributes mainly for heart diseases to develop and occur. As of the end of the year 2002, AHA found out in its research that 6.6 million Americans have coronary heart disease while 7.6 million have experienced myocardial infarction or heart attack. 42 million Americans have high blood cholesterol, while a large percentage of Americans are either (a) unaware of their condition (high blood pressure)- 32%, (b) on medication but do not have the ailment "under control"- 26%, and - not on medication- 15%. These statistics show how heart diseases occur without the individual's knowledge of it.

Meanwhile, smoking has caused 23% of the American adult population to become susceptible to heart diseases. Physical inactivity is also a large factor in preventing heart diseases, reflecting the 60% of the American population who have not been physically active, thereby creating a vulnerability to the said disease. Obesity and overweight cases occur mostly in men belonging to the Mexican-American race, which may have been caused by the Mexican's oil- and starch-filled food diet. Among white Americans, men are more likely to have coronary heart diseases than women, while among black Americans; women have a greater chance of acquiring the said ailment than men (77% for women and 61% for men).

Evidently, leading a healthy lifestyle through proper food dieting and exercise is needed to prevent the development of any heart ailment in the body. Avoiding entirely the habit of smoking will help relieve the body from increased blood pressure and cholesterol level. A proper food diet means that people should stay away fro oily, starchy, or sweet foods, which can easily alter one's blood cholesterol level, resulting to an increased blood pressure. Adapting a vegetarian diet is an ideal way to lose weight and avoid obesity, thereby preventing heart ailments from happening. Aside from starchy and oily foods, people must also avoid eating beyond moderate amounts the following kinds of foods: meat, dairy products, processed food, sweets, and salt (Heartsavers 2003).

Exercise is a very effective form of heart disease management along with a carefully planned and managed food diet. Exercise will help increase the body's tolerance level to diseases and ailments. Furthermore, exercise also helps improve and develop blood circulation in the body, providing the heart and other organs with the right amount of elements and nutrients needed by the body to sustain and maintain its functions. Thus, exercise and proper food diet are the effective methods in which people afflicted with heart diseases can prevent any further complications with their condition.


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