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De Humanis Corporis Fabrica by Vesalius "can only be compared with Hippocrates in stature and importance" in the field of medicine, according to Vesalius, Humanist. (University of Virginia Health Sciences Library Web site.)

Vesalius had studied Cicero and Celsus, among the ancient writers, and so he knew that the ancients had dissected human bodies. (University of Virginia Health Sciences Library Web site.)

Vesalius believed that anatomy:

should be recalled from the dead, so that if it did not achieve with us a greater perfection that at any other place or time among the old teachers of anatomy, it might at least reach such a point that one could with confidence assert that our modern science of anatomy was equal to that of old (ancient Greek) (University of Virginia Health Sciences Library Web site.)

Although Leonardo had created drawings by doing exactly as the ancients had done, they had not been published in book form, and therefore were not generally available to physicians, and Vesalius' work was. So, Vesalius is credited not only with producing such a book, but making the information about the construction of the human body and its workings generally available.

But, as important as Vesalius was to the science of anatomy, without which there could be no exercise science, Leonardo was the key, and:

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the invention of a method of recording observations through revealing drawings, an invention made by the great universal artists of the turn of the fifteenth century, deserves to rank with the invention of the telescope and the microscope in the seventeenth century and of the camera in the nineteenth. (Randall 119)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Exercise Science & Anatomy the Assignment

It is reasonable to rank the work of both Leonardo and Vesalius with the invention of the microscope and camera. Their investigations into how human bodies actually work, right down to the individual nerves and capillaries, made exercise science, with was further expanded after the microscope and camera were invented, not only possible but valuable to understanding and enhancing human life.

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