Exile From the Garden of Eden Is Not a Curse Upon Humankind Research Paper

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Garden of Eden

Biblical folklore has provided the foundation for many contentious arguments regarding its meaning and subsequent purpose. Many pundits and religious practitioners have varying views as to the underlying meaning of the occurrences within the bible. This debate has been waged for many centuries spawning various religious beliefs in its wake. The overall umbrella of Christianity has now fragmented into various systems, practices and beliefs. It is because of this fragmentation that honest and open debate has occurred. One such debate is centered on the story of Adam and Eve. Many practitioners of Christianity recall the creation of Adam and Eve subsequently followed by their exile. Many believe this exile to be a curse upon mankind, in which all civilization must bear. However, it is my contention that the exile from the garden of Eden was not a curse by rather an opportunity for mankind to flourish. As a result of this exile mankind was given the opportunity to create vast and wondrous civilizations. Society advanced in regards to their education and subsequent motivation. All of which occurred after the exile from the Garden of Eden.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Exile From the Garden of Eden Is Not a Curse Upon Humankind Assignment

To begin, a brief introduction as to the creation of humankind with respect to biblical references is warranted. Adam was first created by GOD. After his creation, the lord subsequently created a garden with fast amounts of fruits and animals. Adam was tasked with overseeing these plants and animals. He was also allowed to partake in any fruit except for the "Tree of Knowledge." The lord left strict instructions not to partake in the tree (David, 1998). If Adam did partake however, he was to die. The lord then brings Adam all the animals in the garden to name as he sees fit. Finding no suitable companion for Adam, he creates a woman from one of his ribs. After their creation both Adam and Eve were then tempted by a serpent in the field (Almond, 1999). The devil had taken the form of the serpent in order to tempt Eve. The devil persuaded her to eat of the forbidden tree of knowledge. After much deliberation, she did eat of the true and subsequently gave a piece to Adam to also eat. After they are caught, the lord condemns Adam, Eve, and the serpent. Adam is condemned to hard labor, Eve is condemned to painful childbirth, and the serpent is condemned as being the eternal enemy of mankind (Patai, 1994).

Furthermore, life in the garden was void of the benefits and merits of modern day capitalism. I am by no means supporting the notion that GOD could not have created such a system on Eden. However, I am purporting that no such system existed during the creation of humankind. Capitalism in particular has many merits in regards to advancing civilization as a whole. Eden was devoid of these benefits. Technology allows individuals to live more fulfilling and productive lives. The overall quality of life has advanced exponentially due to the advent of technology. Internet, cell phones, radio, television, electricity, heat, automobiles, refrigerators, washers, and dryers are all a result of technological advances of human kind. Much of which, arguably, may not have occurred on Eden. Technology has now become a euphemism for the information age. As individuals, information rarely escapes our grasp as now anybody can have access to its vast array of knowledge. More importantly, in the midst of our global society, technology has a profound role on our nation's ability to participate in a more competitive environment. As the age old adage states, "Knowledge is power," and in many instances this statement is correct. Information allows individuals to make better informed decisions regarding projects that can have grave implications on society if the solution is incorrect. Further, information allows more convenience in regards to access and search of particular concepts. Technology allows humans to live longer while allowing them to live more productive lives. The benefits that technology derives are as difficult to enumerate as they are to fully comprehend. Eden, did not have much of this within its confines (Postman, 1993).

Fast forward now to a more robust and geographically disperse planet. International trade has created a high level society in many directions. Much of this occurred through time, experimentation, trial, and error. America is characterized by its emphasis on capitalism, international trade and its subsequent benefits to society. International trade and the production of innovative goods and services in particular, have provided a solid foundation for American prosperity for centuries. American capital markets are among the best in the world which provides capital to flourishing businesses. Businesses however need to be protected from the influences of competitors, especially those of foreign origins. It is the nature of International trade to compete and attempt to erode competitor market share. It is through this behavior the goods and services are innovated. This behavior also creates cheaper goods and services which again benefits society at large. It is due to this trade that a high level society is created. Adam, at first did not have this ability. However, through exile, the generations that followed ultimately created a high level society (Jones, 1961).

The exile from the Garden also provided civilization to acquire knowledge. There are positive, aspects in regards to the knowledge acquired through exile. For one, individuals over the years have gained knowledge to cure disease, create new products, and ultimately increase the quality of life for all. Adam, at first could not do this by himself. However, through exile, subsequent generations have been able to create better and more innovative products. Vaccines and cures for disease have now come to the forefront. Many individuals are now able to experience cell phones, internet, and information at their finger tips. All of which, was accomplished through exile. Higher education is the foundation for growth within our global economy. Students, who properly utilized the system to its fullest extent, garner life altering skills and abilities. Prior to Adam's exile, this concept would not have been as profound. These skills, which are often transferable from industry to industry further, enhance the quality of life for society. Many of the world's brightest students help create, lead, and establish many of the world's dominant organizations. These organizations, in turn, create goods and services that provide a compelling value proposition for the consumer. Without the aid of higher education, and the subsequent benefits derived from participation, many of these individuals would not have made the significant contributions to society that they have. It is therefore logical to continue to preserve the higher education system so that the next generation of students can further enhance the quality of life for society. Opportunities abound, particularly within the millennial generation, predicated on the ubiquitous nature of information sharing. The ability to gather, analyze and disseminate information has never been as robust as it stands today. Higher education has a very bright and prosperous future ahead due to Adams exile.

Another positive knowledge effect is that of technology. Mastery of information technology has allowed individuals to achieve these goals are number of fronts (MacKenzie, 1999). First, the learning management system embedded in many universities has allowed generations to better hone their respective skills and knowledge. Companies such as WebCT and Blackboard have contributed too many individuals professional and personal development. Classes online have allowed generations to study when they are most alert during the day as oppose to a mandated schedule set by the university. Furthermore, these forms of technology can be leveraged to achieve career success as well. It is much easier to communicate with peers and personnel online or through email. These professors also have seamless access to your work which can utilize to see if a student is outstanding or mediocre. With this seamless communication, it is much easier for individuals to obtain valuable knowledge to further their career aspirations. This ultimately affects society in a positive manner. In fact, through the use of email, WebCT, Blackboard, or web 2.0 individuals can establish relationships that can last throughout their career.

During the period that Adam was first created, their were massive restrictions on what he was able to do. Adam was unmotivated to better himself as everything was already provided to him. His actions, thoughts, and behaviors were all guided. Through exile however, his family was forced to fend for themselves, to improve their quality of life, and develop new and innovative methods of doing things. The generations that followed Adam's exile thus had a better quality of life due to the lack of restrictions places on them. During Adams creation, the restrictions, ultimately withheld any potential growth that might have occurred.

Finally, exile encourages a motivational spirit within human beings. In many circumstances, individuals are motivated by different aspects at different times in their lives. Compounding this issue further are the environmental factors embedded in an individuals motivation. Depending on an individual's background, he or she may be motivated differently than others of similar socio economic circumstances.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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