Existence of God the Debate Essay

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Existence of God

The debate regarding the existence of God has been around for many years. Over time, scientists, theologians as well as philosophers have all fronted arguments either in support or disregard of the existence of God. In this text, I form a position on God's existence based on the arguments fronted in the suggested readings. Later on in the text, I will examine the problem of evil.

Does God Exist?

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The number of arguments advanced in an attempt to prove that God does exist are as many as those disputing the existence of a Supreme Being. Mostly, arguments against the existence of God point out at alleged contradictions when it comes to the belief in God. Some arguments in this category also point out at the inherent difficulty in reconciling known scientific facts with the existence of a Supreme Being. Philosophers like Kierkegaard believed that reason could not be relied upon to prove that God did exist. In this case, reason (as opposed to faith) is inadequate when it comes to issues relating to the existence of God and his promise of eternal life (Wolf 2011). In his opinion, believing in God was not rational and hence faith (as opposed to belief) in God was more appropriate. In my view and in the light of Kierkegaard's arguments, the existence of God cannot be explained by mere reason. Based on his very nature, God does not need physical manifestation to proclaim his existence. He manifests his presence through his works most of which cannot be discerned by mere reason or scientific inquiry. Hence in this case, faith in the existence of God is more important that actual proof.

TOPIC: Essay on Existence of God the Debate Regarding the Assignment

However, some of the works of the Supreme Being are largely discernible through mere observation as well as scientific inquiry. This is the gist of the Argument from Design advanced by William Paley. According to this argument, the existence of God can be proven using the prevailing order and organization evident in the universe (Wolf 2011). The reasoning in this case is that only a creator who is purposeful, powerful and intelligent can sustain such a design. Here, the designer (who is God) is largely implied by the design (the prevailing order and organization in the universe). Thus based on this, God does exist

Yet another argument pointing to the existence of God is the Cosmological Argument by St. Thomas Aquinas. This argument proposes the existence of the first cause (Wolf 2011). In this case, there must have been something that triggered the existence of the universe. It is highly unlikely that the universe came into being by chance. That 'something' is God. However, for us to fully grasp this argument, we must first hold the view that the first cause was itself uncaused. Hence based on this argument, God does exist.

Further, my position that God does indeed exist is further supported by St. Anselm's Ontological Argument. The Supreme Being's existence in this argument is founded on the concept of the existence of a greater perfect being from the onset (Wolf 2011). In this case, our ability to conceive of a greater being is an indicator that indeed, it does exist. Basically, if something can be conceived by the human mind, then it is a possibility that that same thing does exist in reality. Hence there is a possibility that "a being than which nothing greater can be conceived" as highlighted by St. Anselm in Wolf's text does exist in reality. Note that in this case, I use the word 'possibility.' Hence based on this 'possibility', we cannot rule out the existence of God.

The Problem of Evil

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