Existence of God Essay

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¶ … existence of God is one of the most debated matters ever to exist, as humankind had always needed one or more divine characters in whom to believe in. During the early ages man worshiped various gods in hope that they would in turn help with providing food, shelter, win battles or maintain peace. The modern world accepts the existence of only one God, and, in the light of this acceptance, several of the worlds philosophers had attempted to prove the existence of God.

Aristotle, had been put to test in his turn at demonstrating the existence of a superior being. He had been certain that one cannot actually demonstrate that a God does exist, but only that there is an "unmoved mover" that is eternal and indestructible. In his book, Metaphysics, Aristotle gives reasons for why he believes that such a concept exists. Some scholars argued that Aristotle's theory of an "unmoved mover" has nothing theological in it, other tried to prove the contrary. God, or a concept that makes all things move, is a perfect philosopher in Aristotle's opinion, and God does not act when people want Him to, but only acts to surprise people, out of his own mysterious will.

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Furthermore, the Greek philosopher claims that God is good in his nature and that He always chooses the best solution, as He cannot be influenced.Aristotle had indeed brought valuable arguments of an existing superior being, and most of his concepts are still influencing today people's minds. Aristotle had been among the first philosophers to attempt to bring recognition to a God, with philosophers generally not willing to accept that a being beyond the human comprehension does exist. If God was a commercial product, Aristotle would be one of the best people ever in the history of mankind that would be able to sell it in large quantities. However, the history is full of people that had been reluctant to believing that God does exist.

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Most philosophers rely on the fact that a God must exist due to the fact that nothing can be created without a creator, and that an effect cannot take place without a cause to produce it.

With the evolution of mankind, atheism had also evolved and with it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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