Exotic Animals Invading Florida Term Paper

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¶ … combat the growing challenges associated with the release of non-native exotic animals into the wild in Florida and their subsequent invasion of Florida ecosystems. These outsiders then upset delicate biosystems that are already under stress from human encroachment, pollution and other problems. In this paper the author present a practical, researched, and documented proposal offering a solution to this vexing problem, including include prevention, eradication, reduction and containment. Throughout the paper, the Burmese python will be examined as a typical type of problem and solution situation that faces Florida conservation and wildlife management officials with regard to the release of exotic animals into the wild.

Description of the Problem

As stated above, people who no longer can or want their exotic pets frequently release them into the wild in Florida. Many of these animals such as Burmese pythons have adapted amazingly well to the warm, wet climate and have not only thrived but since they have no natural predators are destroying local animals and their food chains.

This has made a bad situation even worse for many animals who have been pushed to the edge of extinction by a variety of factors too numerous to discuss in this short paper.

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Term Paper on Exotic Animals Invading Florida Assignment

There are already a number of specific solutions that are being executed by the state of Florida at the time of the writing of this paper. Logically, they should continue and be expanded. Priorities for snake management in Florida include prevention, eradication, reduction and containment. Education programs to prevent the sale, purchase, responsible ownership and the release of the animals into the wild are ongoing. Radiotelemetry on so-called "Judas snakes" that are tagged and tracked gives important intelligence on the travel, feeding, hunting and reproductive habits of the Burmese python. Hunting is already being used as a solution for the problem of Burmese pythons in Florida to cull the growing population which is estimated to be in the thousands. Also, destruction of breeding grounds for the Python is also mandatory in Florida. Capture and removal of the animals is being conducted presently (Harvey, et al.).

There also needs to be an outright ban on the sale of exotic pets to people without a license complete with stiff fines and/or jail time. If it is illegal to own an automatic weapon with a special federal permit, it needs to be the same with exotic animals. The Humane Society of the United States and other animal welfare groups are calling for restrictions on the trade of pythons and reptiles, arguing that the government should require exotic pet owners to obtain a permit or license before owning these animals. Florida does not require an ownership permit for Burmese pythons. Powerful pet-trade industry groups do not want the government to force stringent requirements and controls onto the industry. The pet-trade industry is able to impose significantly resist any type of regulation that would interfere with its… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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