Term Paper: Expatriate Employee Before the Advent

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[. . .] This list is only the beginning and contains over 100 items. A pet is another issue. In some cases they may be taken into the foreign country in other cases this will not be practical or even permitted.

Tax and Salary Issues

Living allowances will be adjusted to be similar to the typical person in a similar position in that country. In some cases, this may seem to be significantly less on paper. However, the employee will be able to enjoy all of the amenities afforded to natives of the country. Employees may be required to pay a tax in the new country (de Aenlle, 2002), Specialists will be available to help with financial and investment issues in the new country. In some cases taxes will be paid both in the new country and any gains will be taxed upon return (de Aenlle, 2002), Only a specialist can offer advice as to how to avoid this double-tax situation. Social Security is another issue to be planned into the total picture of employment overseas.

Obtaining Work Permits

Some countries require work permits and special permits to operate a business in their country (McCann, 1999). The procedures for obtaining these permits can be confusing and lengthy. In some cases the spouse may or may not be permitted to join the employee permitted to work. Consultants will be used who are familiar with these procedures and can help to fill out paperwork and answer any questions that an employee might have.


Preparing to work abroad is a lengthy and complicated process. Strategic planning and policy making are keys to the success of the program. Clear goals and strategies are key to making the situation a winning one for all involved. Strategic planning must also involve identifying the skills needed to perform the work required (Cocks, 2002).

Prior to the departure date, an extensive training program will familiarize the employee with language lessons, cultural lessons, relocation assistance, medical issues, legal issues, security issues and the many details that must be handled before the employee leaves the country. Planning is the key to a successful foreign employment venture. It might also be noted that the same details involved in leaving for a foreign assignment are also a part of returning to the parent company.

Security and safety are by far the most important issues facing expatriate employees. Contingency planning and training are the best defense for combating these issues. Even though an employee is away from the home office, they still need to feel that they are a part of the corporate entity. They need to feel that they are making a valuable contribution to the company and that they are still a part of the community from which they came. Communication is essential to a successful relocation. Regular meetings must be scheduled to evaluate the success of the program. The employee must not feel "stranded" in case of an emergency. Help must me made available at anytime the employee needs it. Consulting services can often perform these services at a lower cost and provide better information than Human Resources personnel. Relocating is complicated, but with the right planning and communication can be a rewarding experience for the employee and company as well.

This guide has touched briefly on some of the many issues that are involved in relocating employees to a foreign country. It is assured that the actual policies will be much more lengthy, as each of these issues is dealt with in detail. The personal welfare of the employee and their family are the most important issues, which must be addressed. There are hundreds of details that need to be completed. Employment abroad can be a rewarding experience or a disaster waiting to happen. Careful attention to details is the key to success..

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