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Oce Printing Systems have been losing large amounts of capital, due to the unnecessary turnover rate in our company. These costs involve old employees taking our customers to their new place of business, the unnecessary costs of training new employees, who do not stay any length of time, and of course the costs of the employee not staying long enough to contribute his or her knowledge to the company which the employee has learned from us.


At this time Oce' Printing Systems does not offer investment shares which are encouraging for the employee to invest in. This may be another reason for high turnover rate, because the employee feels no commitment and dedication to this company. Our 401 K's, employee credit unions, and stock options, are not competitive with some of the bigger companies, and the ones that we do have can be improved greatly.


Oce Printing Systems do have to many hourly employees, who are reasonably not satisfied with their salaries. Managers are hiring employees based on the short-term goal, getting the cheapest employees they can find. High Employee turnover rate is encouraged, or discouraged at the time of the interview and hiring process. By accepting the cheapest employees we can find, we are selecting a non-committed and non-dedicated staff.


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Hiring employees just because they need a job, or are out of work, and hiring overqualified employees to get over experienced help at a cheaper rate is asking for short-term, low-quality employees. And the managers should be able to detect this.

Although very unprofessional, some managers hire employees that they feel will not have the ability to replace them. Far to many times, in the interview process, managers confuse the qualities of taking direction and following instructions with the perspective employee who is easily manipulated. This process has resulted in many problems and high turnover rate.

Term Paper on Expatriate Management Reducing Turnover Enhacing Assignment


Getting the European employees to adapt to the working conditions of the American employment strategies may be one of the biggest challenges. In Europe, the employee has the advantage, and employee's rights are enforced, and in America, the employer has the advantage, only a knowledgeable employee will have full access to his rights as an employee. If an American Employer hired European professionals, after the project is complete, the employer may be unemployment for a very long time.


Having European expatriates is a great asset to Oce Printing Systems. They bring in unique ideas and knowledge to the company that would never have been discovered. But with the difference of the work conditions between the two countries, one could see how it would be difficult to maintain long- term European expatriates.

The American government views, extended and unlimited unemployment benefits, as a way of discouraging employees to find and keep a job after being laid off. No credible and valuable employee is going to choose unemployment benefits over a career that offers promotions, benefits, status, rewards and a pleasant work environment, no matter how much money they are getting on unemployment. This type of government system encourages lawsuits and vengefulness from the employee.


What would happen if the employer agreed to the conditions of European employment, and also applied them to its American workers? It is possible that the company, although investing in its employees more than what is required, would achieve better overall results. The primary concern is to identify a solution that would be productive and beneficial for Europeans to work for an American company, at the same time extend the equal benefits and rewards to the American employees.


As mentioned earlier, the rights of American employees do exist, but is not heavily advertised and encouraged by the government. America has very low minimum wage laws, poor unemployment benefits, which encourage employers to dismiss employees, instead of promoting them, and hire less experienced people. America's work conditions may be advantageous over some underdeveloped countries, but we are not an underdeveloped nation. If American industry wants to advance in higher technologies, and be competitive with countries like Europe, and Japan, then working conditions must improve.

The whole idea behind hiring employees is to make money for your business, and far to many times, supervisors get envious when employees under them out performs them. Usually, minimum wage employees are and victimized by false set-ups and "proven" falsifications by their supervisors, because they are the ones who cannot afford attorneys, and are usually the ones unknowledgeable to collect evidence for their own protection.


Oce Printing System managers will be trained to encourage the employees under them to succeed and do outstanding jobs, even if it exceeds their own job performance. If the employee has done an outstanding job, then that supervisor has also done an outstanding job. At Oce Printing Systems, no manager is going to make continuous threats or consistently "brag" about firing someone. Managers who boast about the people they fired or threatening to fire someone, usually have let someone go for non-legitimate reasons. Firing employees does not put you in a position of power, and the truth is, once that employee is fired, they hold more power over the company than what anyone wants to acknowledge.


Of course Oce Printing Company would like to have every employee stay till retirement, and one of the reasons for high-turnover rate is boredom, or lack of stimulation in ones job. Some employees like the security, and some employees want more excitement. Oce Printing Company will try a new concept.

Every six months to one year, every one will be moved to a new position, and will work in another department. Oce Printing Systems will also consider transferring employees to other locations for those employees willing to relocate, with the relocation expenses paid for by the company.

Some employees cannot relocate but still wish to change environments. For those employees willing to relocate, but have other outside obligations, another option may be for these employees to go to other cities for training, and then come back to their original store when the training is finished.


Our employees, especially customer service employees, take many complaints and abuse from customers. It will be Oce Printing Systems policy to defend our employees, at whatever costs, unless it is a real problem. If we put the time and effort to instill values, and train and select our employees, Oce Printing Systems can be sure that the employees will be professional 99% of the time. Frequent customer service sales meetings, and films will do this. The managers will never assume the customer is always telling the truth, and the employee is wrong. The customer is not always right, especially when it costs the company the loss of a valuable employee. In addition to this, if the employee knows the company is going to back them up, they will not betray the company by doing something unprofessional.

Sometimes employees will take advantage of this, and will use this policy unwisely. Every case will be investigated thoroughly. In addition to this, prevention procedures of this happening will be prevented.


Just as when upset customers come in and display their anger towards our employees for problems that were created before they got here, and have nothing to do with what is gong on within our business, many times, employee stress, boredom, and burnout are the result of problems caused outside of the work place, specifically children and spouses. So, that children do not always see mommy and daddy abandoning them for eight hours a day, we are going to have promotions they can do with their families.

We are going to have sales and idea competitions, the one with the most sales or best ideas will win tickets to broadway musicals, music concerts, amusement parks, and beach vacations. These are going to be events for just the family, separate from work. Non-competitive fun events, which will include events such as picnics, rollerblading events, ice skating rink rentals, and comedy clubs. The only rule is that these are going to be fun events, and nothing about work is to be discussed at these events.


If an employee is good enough to keep, they are due pay raises every six-months, until they are put on salary. As mentioned before, when an employee brings business into the company that the business would not get otherwise, Oce Printing Systems will pay the employee sales commission. If an employee is not performing at an acceptable level, the evaluation should not be the first time to bring up the lack in job performance. If an employee expands his or education, and it is relevant to the company business, they will receive a pay raise upon successful completion of the courses.

This plan may backfire, if the employee knows they will get a pay raise just for staying at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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