What to Expect From Life Coaching Research Paper

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Life coaching, as is commonly promoted and described, is a new professional area of learning. Life coaching is an enormous responsibility. This profession enables a person to make a lifelong impression on other people's heart and mind. The video reveals three important concepts that inform my coaching practice: attitude, helping others find answers themselves and motivation.

As a life coach, I am trained specifically to help people look at their lives objectively. As a result, I will offer the client advice that helps to develop answers and plans for improving attitude and resolving troubles. The issues I will be dealing with will be large or small, interpersonal, personal, work, financial or health related. Additionally, it would increase the person's confidence. In turn, the person will become more self-reliant, create a sense of balance between personal life and career and develop improved spiritual awareness. According to this video, a life coach helps people in managing their life problems using assets such as their morals, ideas, and unborn abilities. In addition, the video suggests that life coaching entails setting goals and assisting people stay committed and motivated to reach them (SarahOzolShore, 2008).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on What to Expect From Life Coaching Assignment

Professional life coaching relates to getting the best out of a person and enabling people to make decisions, which will improve their lives. Life coaches are required when the need to help people have spiritual significance to life and feel more satisfied at work is essential. With the rapid growth of this profession, coaching has become widely acknowledged because people have realized that coaching is effective. Relatively, coaching is a different field of psychology, therapy, or counseling. From this video, coaching does not appear to have the answers. All life coaches like me are expected to use all the available resources and procedures when assisting them in resolving their life and professional challenges (SarahOzolShore, 2008). When a person is being coached, his/her motivation stems from collaborating with a coach as a positive role model. Therefore, this video shows that coaching is useful in enabling realize their personal and professional dreams. This video agrees that assisting people to reach their maximum… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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