My Expectations of Psychology Essay

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¶ … Expectations of Psychology

Prior to attending my General Psychology I class, I had no tangible understanding of psychology, nor did I have any expectations. At the time I enrolled for the course, my only exposure to psychology was what I witnessed on such television shows as the Sopranos. One of the characters on the show, Tony, would see a psychiatrist, and their interaction was my only introduction to psychology. My high school did not offer any psychology courses and I did not have any formal opportunities to learn about psychology until I was in college. After my first week of attending General Psychology I classes, my expectations shifted from zero, and unsure, to an overwhelming feeling. I was not aware of the depth of psychology, its history, and its relevance to everyday life. Prior to my time in psychology classes, I did not know I would be learning about the physiology of the brain, the different specialties within the psychology field, or about the range of psychological disorders and illnesses. When I enrolled in General Psychology I, I had no expectations about the discipline of psychology, but after a few weeks of classes, I was able to appreciate the diversity of the field, and have been intrigued the most by concepts of abnormal psychology.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on My Expectations of Psychology Assignment

My first, academic, exposure to the field of psychology was during my General Psychology I class at Bergen Community College. Prior to this, I really did not know what psychology was, and therefore did not have any expectation about the field, what it meant, or what it included. I heard references to psychology when people said such things as, "They are a psycho," or "psychological breakdown," or "psychological thriller," but I had no appreciation for what psychology encompassed. I would watch the television show, the Sopranos, and the main character, Tony, would see his psychiatrist. The conversations between Tony and his psychiatrist intrigued me, and I knew that psychology was involved in counseling, but I did not know how it worked, what it was, or what was in effect.

My experiences with psychology were so minimal, I did not know what to expect during my first day of General Psychology I class. After being handed the syllabus for the class, I started to understand that psychology is more complex than I had ever realized. During the course of the semester we covered such topics as memory, learning, gender and human sexuality, personality, motivation and emotion, psychological disorders, and several more. Before taking this course, I did not know that so many areas of human thought, expression, and motivation existed in psychological terms, or that they had their own areas of study. Shortly into the beginning of the semester, I was eager to know more about psychology. I had gone from no expectation whatsoever, to being completely interested and enjoying the depth of psychology.

While at Bergen Community College, I also enrolled in Abnormal Psychology. I did go into this course with an expectation to learn more about personality disorders. The unit on psychological disorders in General Psychology I was my favorite, and I wanted to learn more about the variety… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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