Experimental Design for Hypothetical Research Research Paper

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The independent variables in this experiment are a.) the duration between ingestion of chocolate and testing, and b.) the gender of the subject being tested. The dependent variable in this experiment is the test score obtained from each subject.

Results: The statistical analysis functions provided by the Microsoft Excel add-in Analysis ToolPak will be utilized after the receipt period for test score data collection has concluded. After the raw data has been manually recorded and sorted, the information will then be entered into an Excel spreadsheet. A frequency distribution analysis will be conducted to assess whether or not the respondent sample is truly representative of the test scores using the particular examination test subjects utilized, because the relatively simple process of calculating the frequency distribution allows researchers to gaining valuable insights into the attributes and traits of test-takers which may affect their scores in addition to, or rather than, chocolate.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Experimental Design for Hypothetical Research Assignment

The results of this experiment confirmed both of the studies cited in the Introduction, as the subjects who ingested chocolate before testing showing marked improvements over their baseline scores, while the control group exposed to a placebo chocolate substitute returned results which were nearly identical to their baseline. More specifically, women tested higher than their baseline at each duration interval of chocolate ingestion, and the gains experienced by women were significantly higher (on a statistical basis) than those produced by men. In terms of the previously stated hypothesis, the fact that women were consistently observed to record higher test scores after eating chocolate, and that these improvements consistently outpaced that documented in their male counterparts, would appear to suggest a biological basis for the discrepancy. Additional research must be performed from a molecular analysis standpoint to determine if a link between naturally occurring enzymes in chocolate and hormones like estrogen and progesterone which occur predominately in women. The conclusion to be drawn from this experiment is that chocolate contains a particular chemical capable of interacting with the brain on a biological level to stimulate improved cognitive function relating to memory and retention of information. Furthermore, this phenomenon has been observed to occur more frequently and more powerfully in women, suggesting that a component of female biology such as certain hormones may be producing an exaggerated effect. The null hypothesis stated prior to the experiment has been rejected, as chocolate appears to offer genuine benefits for those seeking to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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