Research Paper: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research

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[. . .] It is because of the difficulties of creating and conducting perfect experimental research, that true cases of this type of investigation are relatively rare. Perhaps it is almost impossible to have true experimental research in most real-world situations because of all the necessary components of the investigation.

Trochim & Donnelly then describe quasi-experimental research. This type can be very similar to experimental research methodology. The major difference between the two is that quasi-experimental research does not require random assignment (Trochim 2008). Another major difference has to do with the test's internal validity. Quasi-experimental research also looks into causation for certain circumstances, but does not have to be the sole explanation for the set of circumstances. It is perhaps less scientific because it is not a singular explanation. Because of this, researchers will quite often disregard the importance of quasi-experimental research in their findings. However, this overlooks the fact that most research, whether intentionally or not, turns out to be quasi-experimental because of oversight on the part of experimentation design.

Experimental research design may be the "gold standard" of research design, but it is very difficult to create scenarios where this kind of test can be conducted. Quasi-experimental research may seem to be research of less importance, but it actually is very necessary to behavior and human sciences which can rarely if ever have empirical tests. Most researchers would rather have the former kind of data to examine when trying to determine causation for certain criteria, but this is perhaps too hopeful. Quasi-experimental research is still valid and can be used by all sciences to test and implement potential theories.

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