Research Paper: Experimental vs. Quasi-Experimental Research Evaluating Client Profile

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Experimental vs. quasi-Experimental research

Evaluating Client Profile

There are a number of differences between experimental and quasi-experimental research. For experimental research, there are a few basic things that one would need. First of all, a hypothesis for a causal relationship is needed as well as a control group and a treatment group. The next thing needed is a way to eradication confounding variables that could have the potential to ruin the experiment and stop them from illustrating the causal relationship. Larger groups are also important and they should have a carefully sorted constituency -- preferably randomized so that accidental differences will not ruin the experiment.

Trochim (2006) notes that experimental designs are the most rigorous of all the research design methods and all other methods are judged in comparison to the experimental design. If one can implement an experimental design well, and, Trochim (2006) emphasizes the word "if," the experiment has the potential to be the strongest design in regards to internal validity (2006). He states, basically: "If X, then Y" (2006) -- or to put it in much simpler terms: "If the program is given, then the outcome occurs" (2006). Yet, this is still not enough. To really show a causal relationship, one has to address (simultaneously) these two propositions: "If X, then Y" and "If not X, then not Y" (2006). More basic again: "If the program is given, then the outcome occurs" and "If the program is not given, then the outcome does not occur" (2006).

When one or more of these elements is missing, the experiment is not a true experiment, but rather it is considered a quasi-experiment. Quasi-experiments want to find a causal relationship, however, the researcher may not… [END OF PREVIEW]

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