Experimental Theatre Research Proposal

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Experimental Theater

Trends in globalism and technology have changed the existing structures and systems of power in the modern world. This rather fluid evolution has, really since the end of World War II, evolved towards breaking cultural and political conventions and moving towards new paths -- whether to a more Utopian world or the dystopian paradigm so popular in modern literature.

This is true in the Arts as much as in Politics, especially in a time in which the old political and social boundaries no longer exist. Too, building off Sartre and others, in the modern Developed world, the individual no longer need exist in complete isolation -- modern communications make it entirely possible to reach out with art and culture to almost everywhere in the world, irrespective of boundaries, economic status, educational level, or language.

Some of these larger, less epistemological questions began to pique my interest in alternative theater. For example, Jerzy Grotowski's creation of The Poor Theater, and his Akropolis and Apocalpypsis Cum Figuris, breaking away from standard conventions and yet asking seminal questions reminiscent of Greek theater in the Ancient World.

Further, I investigated the different forms of theatre that essentially broke away from the standardized conventions of traditional theatre -- alternative theatre.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Experimental Theatre Assignment

Essentially, alternative theatre deconstructs traditional theater by creating body, space, and sounds that are more of juxtaposition between the actor, the text, and the audience. In many respects, both the actor and audience are intimately engaged within the performances so that each rendition is as unique as the audience. Taking this as an example, and adding other techniques of alternative theater, one can find certain essential commonalities that are germane to a successful performance. It is these techniques that I am most interested… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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