Exploring the Right Media Mix for a Corporate Advertisement Campaign Research Proposal

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Corporate Advertising Campaigns


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Deciding on what types of media to use in a corporate advertising campaign can be a bit tricky because it is not a single product that is being advertised. To advertise for a product such as toothpaste, you know who your target audience is because every uses (or should use) toothpaste. This is not to imply that corporations are not trying to sell products because most are. However, with a corporate advertising, the brand name of the corporation is just as important as the product or products it is selling. We are fortunate to live in a time where information can be disseminated not only quickly, but efficiently. As such, corporations have a myriad of advertising options at their fingertips. The problem is determining the right blend of media in order to get a message across to consumers that will make the name of the company stick with them.


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Corporations are in business to turn a profit. Even nonprofit companies must be profitable in order to stay in business. All companies must do some type of advertising to bring their brand into the consciousness of consumers. Corporations rely on consumers to keep them in business so they must have advertising campaigns that are appealing and not only should these campaigns be appealing to the consumer, they have to be effective enough to make the consumer loyal to whatever product the corporation is selling or the services it is offering. With so many different methods of advertising in today's market, the corporation must determine the right mix of media that it will use to get its message across.

Research Proposal on Exploring the Right Media Mix for a Corporate Advertisement Campaign Assignment

To some, using every type of media available would be the best option and this may seem logical, but the corporation does not want to run the risk over saturating the market with its message. The goal is to use the right blend in order to keep the image of the company in the minds of the consumers long after the television or radio commercial has ended, or long after the consumer has passed the billboard while driving on the highway, or long after whatever type of media mix is used by the corporation.

The type of corporation will determine the type of media that should be used. For the purposes of this proposal, the corporation will be for profit. It will be a department store chain similar to Wal-Mart or Target with stores all over the country. Because both of these stores are extremely popular with consumers, this corporation will have to make use of advertising and marketing strategies that will place it in the number one position. As mentioned before, there are a number of media tools that a corporation can use. For a situation such as this, it makes senses to use the same types of media that the competitors use, but find ways to make them more appealing to the consumer.

We know that both Wal-Mart and Target use a media mix of television, radio and newspaper ads. They also make use of billboards and the Internet. This seems to work well for them so we will take the types of media mixes that they use and try to improve upon them. Along with advertising, we know that it is important for customers to associate a corporation with a brand. People identify easily with Wal-Mart when they see the little yellow ball with the smiling face. Consumers also identify with Target when they see the red target. So, in addition to the advertising campaign, it is imperative that the corporation come up with a strong, identifiable brand that customers will identify and relate to.

If the corporation already has established its brand, it should always look for ways to enhance the logo or perhaps come up with a new company slogan. Even though it is still the same corporation selling the same products and services, a new logo or new slogan has the potential to convince the consumer that the corporation has been revamp and is doing something different with products, pricing and services. There are several different types of marketing strategies that corporations can use in the advertising campaigns. These strategies should be thought out carefully before the type of media used is decided. If the advertising campaign is carefully thought out and planned, then choosing what media will be used should not pose any problems.

Statement of the Problem

The problem statement is as follows: Corporations seeking to maintain and increase business cannot rely on what they have done in the past. They must research their competitors and find out what is working and has worked well for them and take these findings and improve upon them. Advertising is not only about coming out with something new, but it is also about taking what already exists and making it better. This is not to say that new ideas and concepts are not welcome. They are always welcome in the advertising industry, but should always be tested on a select sample of individuals before being deployed fully.

A corporation's image is strongly tied to its brand. The most important goal is to make the corporation's brand recognizable to the consumer. For this reason, the corporation must not only focus on the advertising campaign. The brand must first be established along with a recognizable logo to give consumers something to identify the corporation with. Corporate branding will determine the type of media mixed used to advertise the company and position it so that the products and services the company offered as well as the advantages it has over the competitors in this area can be showcased.

Literature Review

Simmons, J.A. 2009. Both sides now: Aligning external and internal branding for a socially responsible era. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 27(5): 681-697.

Simmons discusses the relationship between external and internal branding and aligning the two. He relates the consumer to the external and the employee of the company with the internal aspects of branding. Both must be in sync in order for corporate branding to be effective and socially responsible. He states that consumers are more conscious of products and services that are beneficial to society and that the employees producing these goods stand behind their products. This is important for this research because when devising a brand for the corporation, everyone should be on board with the methods, logos and even image that the brand projects. When internal customers (employees) believe in and stand behind the brand of the company, the products produced and services offered are of high quality and consumers benefit greatly from this.

Asworth, G. & Kavaratzis, M. 2007. Beyond the logo: Brand management for cities. Journal of Brand Management, 16(8): 520-531.

This journal article deals more with the branding of a city than with the branding of a corporation. It is still useful in picking up ideas on the concept of branding in general. The authors do touch on corporate branding a bit in this article which makes it relevant for this proposal. They state that cities are now using eye catching logos and slogans in order to capture the attention of people to increase tourism which in turn generates revenue for the city. City branding and corporate branding are similar in that they both seek to separate themselves from other cities or corporations in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Branding a city may sometimes seem easier than branding a corporation because each city has its own history and different things to offer. Cities with warmer climates may use this as one if its drawing points, but at the same token people who like cold weather and skiing may be more drawn to visiting a city with a colder climate. With corporations it is a bit difficult to be established as an individual entity because many companies offer similar goods. Given this, it is up to the corporations to come up with innovative marketing strategies that will appeal to the highest number of consumers.

Moroko, L. & Uncles, M.D. 2008. Characteristics of successful employer brands. Journal of Brand Management, 16(3): 160-175.

The authors say that the characteristics of successful branding are: being known and noticeable; being seen as relevant and resonant, and being differentiated from direct competitors. In order to accomplish this, corporations must align themselves with Human Resources who will seek out and recruit talented marketing individuals who recognize the importance of branding and the effect it has on a successful corporate advertising campaign.

Being known and noticeable is crucial because it ties back the corporation's logo and slogan. Corporations want to choose logos and slogans that are memorable and stick with the customers. It is also important for the corporation to be relevant. The products and services being sold should be something that consumer's not only want, but need. With so many businesses… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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