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The stiffening and thickening occurring throughout the body can also cause changes in blood pressure. "Receptors called baroreceptors monitor the blood pressure and make changes to help maintain a fairly constant blood pressure when a person changes positions or activities. The baroreceptors become less sensitive with aging" (Dugdale 2010). Some older people experience low blood pressure on standing, due to an imbalance with their baroreceptors. Conversely, some older patients experience hypertension or high blood pressure because of the thickening and stiffening of the heart walls and other components of the cardiovascular system. The heart must work harder due to aging and other arteries will also thicken and stiffen.

The nature of the blood also changes with age. The aging body contains less body water than a younger body, causing a decrease in overall blood volume. When red blood cells decrease (measured as a decrease in hemoglobin and hematocrit levels), the individual may feel fatigued more easily. White blood cells which play a role in immune resistance "decrease in their number and ability to fight off bacteria. This reduces the ability to resist infection" (Dugdale 2010).

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When working out, older people have a lower target maximum heart rate than younger people due to on average their 25% reduction in maximum cardiac output ("Cardiovascular system," AAHF, 2012). However, many of the changes due to age can be effectively counterbalanced with an appropriate diet and regular exercise. An older, conditioned person is often more easily able to work out and is in better condition than an untrained younger person. It is also important to note that not all individuals experience cardiac symptoms with equal severity as they age. Diet, exercise, genetics, and environment all play a role in the degree to which aging affects the cardiovascular system in a manner scientists are still attempting to fully understand.

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Essay on Export Import Company Consider Organization Assignment

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