In Between Exposing Everyday Learning at Work Thesis

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¶ … Learning at Work

Questions I have from this reading. Why were the trade teachers so adamant they did not learn from each other? Did staff change in the three years it took to complete the study, and did that have an affect on the study? Could this change the way employers view personal exchanges in the workplace, and how can this study be distributed to more employers to make a difference? This is an interesting article about everyday learning in the workplace, and what it says about social relationships, work relationships, and how we all learn. It is also a very interesting look into educators, and how they view learning. Ultimately, it shows that people do learn many valuable lessons in the workplace, and that more workplace learning should be encouraged on the employer's part.

It is not surprising that even in an educational environment, people felt more free to express themselves and discuss topics when they were in a different… [END OF PREVIEW]

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