Exposure to Violent Media Today's World Term Paper

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Exposure to Violent Media

Today's world appears to be increasingly violent, and it certainly offers a plethora of violent media: songs, movies, television shows, video games, and literature. Therefore, the temptation exists to suggest that the violent media has led to the increase in violence in society. However, while the two factors may be highly correlated, it is impossible to prove that violent media has caused violence in society. First, many societies without violent media are extremely violent. Second, mentally stable viewers of violent media are able to differentiate between fictional and real portrayals of violence. Finally, society has not actually gotten more violent. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that violent media does not cause an increase in violence in society.

While American society is derided as being extremely violent, it is actually less violent than many of the societies around the world. Countries in the Middle East and Africa, which have a smaller range of media offerings and less widespread media distribution, exhibit violence levels that are unparalleled by even the most violent areas of the United States. Therefore, it is clear that violence in society is not caused solely by mass media, but can exist independently.

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