Extending Landscape Ecology Principles Essay

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Scientists need to have a larger spatial and temporal perspective in order to generate better solutions to the current high extinction rate of aquatic creatures. Landscape ecology, dealing with large scale and connectivity, is, they argue, beneficial for providing scientists with enhanced insights. Using the model of Isaac Schlosser and colleagues who, integrating landscape theory with aquatic context, suggested that fish movement synchronies physical and biotic systems in streams, Fausch et al. (2002) suggested that employment of this model may be used to propose a new approach for stream fish ecology and preservation. They propose five principles as a result for more effective research and conservation of stream fishes and, in short, show how integration of landscape ecology principles and applications into aquatic environments can help scientists in at least four areas. These are: (1) bettering the habitat for endangered and threatened species, (2) preventing invasions of a different kind (specially hostile) species, (3) managing the ecosystems to monitor pools of fishes for sport or commercial fishing and (4) addressing long-term and more immediate threats of climate change.

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To be most effective in conserving fish and in preventing them from disappearing as rapidly as they are, researchers, scientists, biologists, conservation managers and anyone concerned with their maintenance would need to study them as their perspective of their scope and life history in which they function. To do so needs more of the bird's eye view with which we see their appearance. In fact, it needs integrating landscape theory with aquatic in order to address questions and structure and implement management strategies at a larger scope and design than had been done until now. Doing so will ensure that more stream fish, and a greater diversity of stream fish will be sustained for future generations.


Fausch, K., Torgerseon, C., Baxter, C., & Li, H. (2002)., Landscapes to Riverscapes:

TOPIC: Essay on Extending Landscape Ecology Principles and Assignment

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