Extinction Risk and the Future Battlegrounds Article Review

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¶ … Extinction Risk and the Future Battlegrounds of Mammal Conservation.

Cardillo M, Mace GM, Gittleman JL, and Purvis a. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103 (11); 2006: 4152-4161.

The research involved testing a specific hypothesis through predictive modeling techniques in conjunction with existing factual knowledge. That hypothesis was that current perceptions about which species are in the greatest danger of extinction are somewhat inaccurate. More particularly, the identification of endangered or threatened species is largely based on the degree to which those species have already suffered and begun to exhibit substantially declining numbers.

However, the research actually demonstrated that this approach to identifying endangered species is too exclusive because it does not account for any species that have not already been adversely affected by the principal causes of species endangerment (namely, human encroachment). Instead, conservation perspectives and conservation efforts should include those species that have not yet been threatened only because their natural habitats have not yet been harmed by human activity. Some of those species are especially vulnerable to disturbances in their habitat and are just as likely to be threatened once human activity affects them.

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Article Review on Extinction Risk and the Future Battlegrounds of Assignment

The principal relevance of the study is that it demonstrates that current beliefs about which mammalian species are at risk of extinction in the near future are inaccurate. In addition to those currently identified as being at greatest risk, there are other species that are equally at risk of extinction within the same time frame but they are still unrecognized and not considered in conservation philosophy and plans. To the extent conservation objectives relate to improving the survivability of threatened species,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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