Extreme Programming and Language Prototyping Term Paper

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¶ … Programming & Language Prototyping

Extreme Programming

The field of software development on the basis of the values of plainness, communique, feedback and audacity is known as Extreme Programming or XP. (What is Extreme Programming?) Kent Beck introduced the methodology of Extreme Programming on the basis of his prolonged experience of being an object oriented software developer and specifically, in collaboration with Ward Cunningham using the Smalltalk programming language. Since the Smalltalk was considered to be the first widely accepted object oriented language, Ward and Kent where working with it considerably longer than just about anyone else. (Extreme Programming FAQ)

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Extreme Programming is a frivolous software process that is aimed at small-sized teams in operation at an environment of little understanding and/or swiftly varying environment. It has two fundamental promises. Firstly, the Extreme Programming guarantees to concentrate every day on the things are most significant and those contributes towards the successful software development. Secondly, it assured the users and managers the accrual of the largest value from their investment on software generation and assured to expect tangible results that entail the objectives every few weeks and will be able to change the direction of a project as needed without unwarranted penalty. (Adopting Extreme Programming: Successful integration of XP into your organization requires the support and buy-in of senior management - Technology Information)

Term Paper on Extreme Programming and Language Prototyping Assignment

The Extreme Programming is in operational with uniting the whole team amidst prevalence of simple practices with sufficient feedback to become capable to visualize where they are and to adjust the practices to their specific situation. In case of Extreme Programming, each and every member constitutes an inseparable component of the 'Whole Team'. The team constitutes centering the business representative known as 'the Customer', who is also working with the team daily. The group associated with and practicing Extreme Programming utilizes a simple form of designing and monitoring to assess as to what should be done at the post development period and to forecast when the project will be completed. (What is Extreme Programming?)

Being concentrated on the business value, the team develops the software in phase manner each consisting of small fully integrated releases that pass through all the tests the Customer has defined. The Extreme Programming team ensures the team to be integrated and operating consistently. The programmers generate the production code in modules and all work together all the time. They encode the programs in a reliable style so that everyone can be aware of it and will be able to develop all the code as necessitated. The team engaged in developing Extreme Programming follows a general and simple design of the system that it appears to be. Each of the programmers continues to be at a speed that can be sustained indefinitely. (What is Extreme Programming?)

There are twelve primary features that are experienced through the Extreme Programming technique. They are the Planning Game: It is designed to integrate the business and formulation process so as to result in the maximum business value as quickly as possible. The planning game is attained at various ranges of development, however, the fundamental principle that the business emerges with a list of warranted features for the system. Each characteristic is written out as a User Story that fetches the characteristics a name and narrates the broad framework of the requirement. The user stories are coded peculiarly on 4 x 6 cards. The process of software development involves an estimate of the requirement of the efforts by each story and the estimate of the efforts that the team can exert within a time interval. (Extreme Programming FAQ)

The business then signifies as to which stories that is to be implemented and is which priority along with the time and frequency to produce a production release of the system. Small Releases: The program initially is introduced with the smallest possible features set. The frequency of subsequent releases is more with additional features at each time. System Metaphor: every project has a unique structural symbol associated with the principle of easy to remember naming tradition. Simple Design: The Extreme Programming always involves the simplest possible structure that reveals the job done. The requirements will differ tomorrow, so what is essential is to meet the present requirements. Continuous Testing: Prior to supplementing a feature, the programmers are involved in writing a test run for the same. With the successful running of the module the development process is completed.

The Extreme Programming Tests entail two basic ideas. They are referred to as Unit Tests and Acceptance Test. The Unit Tests indicate to the tests of effective functioning of the program generated automatically by the developers at the time of development. Each of the Unit test are peculiarly involved in assessing the functioning of an individual class or a small cluster of classes. The unit tests are peculiarly written using a unit testing structure like JUnit. The Acceptance Tests are also referred to as Functional Tests and are particularly tailored by the customer to assess that the program as a whole is performing in the desired direction. The acceptance tests peculiarly assess the entire structure or some large portion of the program. The program getting through all the acceptance tests for a particular user story is considered to complete the process of development. (Extreme Programming FAQ)

The acceptance tests at the minimum involves a script a user interface actions and the anticipated results that an operator can run. The norm is to automate the acceptance tests either with the use of the unit testing structure or a separate acceptance testing structure. Refactoring: the stage of refactoring involves screening out of the duplicity in code generation in a coding session. This is done with necessary assurance that you did not break anything since you have the tests. Pair Programming: The code generation process in the Extreme Programming technique involves writing by two programmers. Particularly, all code is reviewed as it is written. Collective Code Ownership: This ownership of the module rests collectively on the group. Any single programmer cannot claim ownership of the module. Any developer is assumes to be capable of working on any part of the code base at any time. Continuous Integration: all the variations are integrated into the code base with updating at least on daily basis.

The test run is required to be completely successful both prior to and after the integration. 40-Hour Work Week: The programmers have a definite schedule of their work. At emergencies only a week of overtime is permitted. However, frequency of the weeks of overtime is regarded as a symbol of the something at faulty. on-site Customer: The group developing the program is ensured to have a continuous interaction with the live customer at the development site, who is involved in running and using the system. With regard to the commercial software having a number of customers, the team uses a model of the customer known as the product manager. Coding Standards: there is a prescribed standard of coding stipulated to be followed by every body. Normally it is not possible to say at the very outset that a particular programmer has involved in developing a set of code. (Extreme Programming FAQ)

In order to implement the Extreme Programming effectively, it is essential to acknowledge as an all or nothing software process. If everything except the pair programming is resorted to the Extreme Programming is not considered to be formulated. Similarly, the Extreme Programming is not considered to have developed if a requirement document and program design model is not delineated much before initiation of the programming. Similarly, the Extreme Programming also is associated with the continuous assessment and integration of the code. If access to the knowledgeable users, having requirements and scoping decisions about the system, has not been ensured then the Extreme Programming is not being resorted to. Moreover, the support and subscribing to the ideas by the senior managers, users and the project team members are considered essential for effective integration of the Extreme Programming techniques into the organization. (Adopting Extreme Programming: Successful integration of XP into your organization requires the support and buy-in of senior management - Technology Information)

The implementation of principles of Extreme Programming like pair programming and writing the testing code first is required to have enough confidence by the developers, however, once the experience of these techniques are adopted it is likely that they never deserve to return to working in any other way. The team is also essential to necessitate fast compiling circumstances to cater to the persistent assessment of the techniques and integration of efforts. At last the team is required to be physically present in groups and also have the liberty to set up their working environment to support pair programming and effective team work. Irrespective of its several advantages the Extreme Programming suffers from some potential problems. First of all, even though it is concentrated on programming-related issues which is regarded as one of the greatest merit of the Extreme Programming… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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