Extremist Groups Research Paper

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Extremist Groups

Difference of opinion gives birth to conflicts and aggravated conflicts pave ways for extremism. It is one of the methods to invite attention and make others fell of the presence of extremist group. The paper gives an idea of two extremist groups; ALF and KKK. The paper gives an idea about their motives and approaches of achieving their objectives.

Mankind has always faced the difference of opinion found among his fellow beings and this difference has led to serious destruction in various periods of human race. Furthermore, the contributory factor in destruction is love for power and the opponents have always strived to attain more power to pose themselves stronger as compared to their opponents. Freedom of speech and action may be part of human rights agenda approved long ago but it is also true that power comes with forceful implementation of many decisions and people generally are deprived of their choice of action.

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As the world is progressing and much advancement is taking place across the borders, the promotion of extremist groups is no exception. They exist because of certain reasons. One of the reasons can be difference of opinion from that of the leading community. In other words, there is always a probability of presence of a group whose members do not conform to the ideas and proposals of government officials who develop new foreign relations or make an adaptation in their policies. Another reason for promotion of extremist groups lies in the perceptions of people who consider them right. As they propagate their opinions, there are many people who get convinced by them and intend to join them. Yet another reason for their promotion is related to the importance of their cause. As they consider their cause as sacred, they are willing to sacrifice everything for it. This passion leads them to be highly aggressive and they try to leave no stone unturned to fulfil the objective.

Research Paper on Extremist Groups Assignment

Keeping in view the possibility of existence of various extremist groups, it goes without saying that they too can have difference of opinions with each other and may fall into conflict at times. In order to ensure successful achievement of their goals, they devise plan of action and agenda. This paper gives an idea about two extremist groups and casts light over various aspects of their functions, objectives and views. The two extremist groups selected for This paper are KKK and ALF (Anti Defamation League 2005).

Research Question

The research question of this study is as follows.

"What are the motivations, beliefs and desired end state for both the KKK and Animal Liberation Front (ALF)? What are the differences in their extremist, radical approach and tactics to defend their cause and fight for what they believe in?

The Purpose Statement

As evident from the research question, the study is comparative in nature in which KKK and ALF are evaluated from various aspects. The study gives the complete picture about objective and mission of these two extremist groups, their approaches and techniques adopted to fulfil their objectives.

This study is important to conduct because it gives its readers an idea about power of these two extremist groups and casts light upon how they plan accomplishment of their objectives. The topic is important to explore as the findings may act as an awareness material for laymen or the ones who live in the communities where extremist groups are active. Awareness may further lead to careful plan of safeguarding one's own interest or protecting oneself from being the victim of extremist groups. The basic reason behind exploring the objectives and approaches of these two groups is to present diversified information about them and realize the possibility of adopting various techniques to catch the prey.

The purpose behind this qualitative study is to describe objectives and approaches of KKK and ALF to get an idea about the differences in their extremist, radical approach and tactics to defend their cause and fight for what they believe in. The basic source of information for this study is the material published in literature, however, the people who are closely connected with these groups either in the form of group members of victims can also be contacted to cast light upon their observations and experiences.

The Research Analysis using Qualitative Study Approach

As mentioned in the previous section that the study is qualitative in nature. It means the data collected for this study will not be numeric in the sense that it can lead to mathematical and statistical operations to be performed on it. It is also evident that from the research question that it is more like an exploratory study in which objectives and approaches are analyzed to show the comparison of two extremist groups. The study provides information about objectives and approaches adopted by group members which is more like a descriptive activity. The study evaluates the approaches in relation to objectives and explains how the selected approach can pave way for achievement of particular objective.


Introduction to KKK

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is an American organisation whose agenda is to promote racism (Wheeler 2005) violence. In the broad sense, KKK fights for discrimination which has been quite severe in the history of USA. There have been many prejudices against various races living in USA. In addition to the migrants form African countries and other parts of the world, the discrimination of the basis of colours and complexions has been a practice. The colour discrimination is not only among Whites and Blacks. There have been communities like While Supremacy, White Nationalism etc. As these communities promoted, KKK also promoted itself to fight against it. The protest was particularly to support Whites.

Motivations, Beliefs and Desired End State for KKK

KKK was established with the view to fight against non-White people who were trying to settle in USA. KKK was a formal protest against increasing diversity in USA and it is recalled as terrorist entity in the history of USA. The protest was registered by all who were discriminated and people joined themselves under KKK to take revenge from non-White people. They used to hide themselves under masks and used to attack non-White people at night. Many other activities were also conducted under the mask to hide the identity of KKK members. The activities were brutal in nature and people used to feel ashamed while performing them during day time.

There was no special leadership of KKK, and it was a protesting entity hence objectives and goals were not clearly defined except promoting USA for White people. In the broader perspective, it can be stated that it was fighting for racial discrimination particularly racial violence. KKK was in favour of conducting as much violence on non-White people as possible so that other communities feel discouraged and leave USA. They assumed that USA is for White people only and in order to preserve it for their future generations (Eager 2008), it is important to fight against non-White people.

The desired state of KKK can be a state in which only White people are free to spend their lives the way they want. Rest of the communities are discouraged on all possible grounds.

Extremist and Radical Approach of KKK

KKK adopted an extremist approach as the members went out of the way to register their protest and take revenge from White people. As mentioned earlier, people started hiding their identities to kill the white people. It was the peak of terrorism that bold killing activities took place in many areas of the country.

KKK is not an organisation which exists only once in the history. There were three different leaders who adopted different agendas to end discrimination in the country. KKK is still active in various parts of the country but it is not organized. People like to do any act of violence against non-White people and do not shirk heart from killing people as well. The killing activity can be as brutal as possible or up to the shameful level. They also bring substantial damage to buildings and other properties just to give vent to their hatred.

In a country where people belonging to virtually all cultures and nationalities are living, presence of KKK is a big threat to the peace of land.


Introduction to ALF

Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is an international organization which is formed with the view of liberating animals from painful life. As the name shows, the group works for liberty of animals wherever they are found in the accession of human beings. It goes without saying that there are people who are involved in business of animals and give animals a painful life. Talking about weight carrying for example, it may be allowed in the legal purview but at the same time, the owners of these animals should provide required level of food and rest time to the animals so that they can perform their function well. The domain of ALF begins with the instance when a human being… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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