F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Research Paper

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" (Gertler, 2010) The result is that the committee states a recommendation for a reduction of $204.9 million in the APAF account within OCD. (Gertler, 2010) The following illustration shows the Summary of Action on FY2010 F-35 quantities and funding.

Figure 3

Summary of Action on FY2010 F-35 Quantities and Funding

Source: Gertler (2010)

Tiron (2010) specifically reports that the F-35 "…has undergone significant reshaping as a result of ballooning costs and development delays. The F-35 is meant to replace older aircraft for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as international militaries. The cost of the program has risen to $382.4 billion, a 65% increase from the projected costs in 2002."

Summary and Conclusion

The costs for development and production of the F-35 JSF aircraft have been problematic and recently the program has experienced a decrease in funding due to the difficulties in managing development and production of these aircraft. The projected finish date for the developmental phase of the project was previously set for 2011 however, a new date is presently stated as it is estimated that the program will enter full production n 2016. The F-35 JSF will be sufficient for all branches of the service and will effectively replace aircraft presently be used by the armed forces.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on F-35 Joint Strike Fighter the Assignment

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