Research Paper: Facebook and Divorce

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¶ … Divorce

Facebook and Divorce

Issue of divorce

Influence of Facebook on relationships in general

Negative effects of social networking in last few years

Virtual presence of an individual on Facebook

Backlash within the household

The causes for divorce-by-Facebook

Validity of social networks

Means to meeting people

Soul mate Search

The social interactions and connections are maintained through various techniques in the changing technological world. The extensive usage of technology and internet has transformed the previous physical social interactions maintained by the social networking websites, smart phone, and internet. There are various online communities offering the social interactions and social contracts building options. The significant online social interactions are offered through online gaming zones, dating websites, social networking portals, and content communities. The renowned social networking websites are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are extensively used to stay in contact with friends and families. The individuals maintain their personal presence through updating status and expressing opinions about social, political, and business preferences. The likings and disliking are expressed and comments are sought. The individuals and businesses take advantage of advanced techniques. However it is also noted that with the presence of such robust social websites issues are also created. These issues includes disturbance in marital life, social affiliations, and distraction of social norms.

The reliance on virtual social networks creates a connected approach whereas some issues e.g. divorce rate is also increased. The reasons for divorce increase as instigated by usage of Facebook are explored in the research. The literature review is focused to investigate various aspects of the issue in light of the available secondary literature and case study. The important topics covered in the literature review are mainly regarding the Facebook divorce and reasons of such events. The influence of Facebook usage on personal lives of the users is also an important aspect of the issue. The positive and negative impacts of using Facebook are described along with the backlash on the household. Finally a results and discussion section combines the learning of research.

Issue of divorce:

The issues of divorce are quite trivial as it has multiple directions and various aspects. The individuals seeking divorce also have numerous reasons ranging from domestic issues to involvement with other individuals. It is also likely that the married couples are not happy with the current status. The issues from personal habits are also explored after marriages. The awareness to personal likings and disliking are transformed into options to seek support from other social support systems. The individual attitudes towards their spouse are also considerable in case diverse is considered. The age of married couple is also an important factor in determining the cause of divorce. The major factor of age in which the couple got married is also relevant in divorce cases. It is highly likely that the individuals getting married earlier are now fully aware of the individual habits and likings. Moreover with the passage of time the realities of life dominate love and affection in individuals and as a result the preferences are also influenced. The changes in desires and associations formulate a basis for individuals to look for other options as a result the social interactions are increased.

The social interaction in these days is mostly facilitated through social networking websites and portals. The usage of technology is also an influential factor in creating a falsified image of other person through likeable posts, status, and appraised pictures. It is also likely that a deceptive image is created through usage of these sites and various friends and relatives are attracted. The social interactions through social networking websites are one of the major causes in fueling the already strained relationships of couples. It is also observed that the happily living individuals are also influenced through increased interactions using social web sites.

Influence of Facebook on relationships in general:

The invention of internet itself created a one of the major change in human interactions. The fast passed access to interactions and mailings created a new dimension in communications. The increased availability of internet and its usage to effectively communicate with each other provided options to frequently exchange views and share ides using internet. Soon after the availability of internet as a cheap commodity individuals stated increased usage of electronic mailing and traditional mail systems were rapidly replaced through internet enabled emails. Later the real time communications took over and internet chats were offered through various service providers for no charge. It brought together various communities and individuals present at multiple locations and chat for hours.

However the inventions of social media sites are one of the revolutionary steps in creating a significant impact. The social interactions become frequent as well as a medium for propagating likings become vivid. The peers, colleges, and family was become continuously aware of what a person is doing through frequent status updates and reflecting the likings and disliking's of a person. The human relationships are widely influenced by the social media and social networking websites. It not only enabled a continuous connection with old friends and family but at the same time it created an opportunity to make new friends and interact with them more frequently.

The connections are developed and maintained through social internet web portals rather than physical interactions. It resulted into exerting great deal of influence of traditional maintaining of human interactions. The emergence of social media as an alternative medium to interact and respond to social issues also instigated various issues. The personal, professional, and political paradigms are most affected through social networking websites. It is also observed that it also created a huge impact on personal likings and disliking as well as association with various groups. The business corporations are also using the power tools of social media to promote their products and services. Similarly individuals are using it for social connections and seeking partnerships for their life.

Negative effects of social networking in last few years:

The usage of social media is increased over past three to five years. The extensive amount of usage and time devoted to social media has not only created issues at the same time it also created several negative impacts on personal and social lives of individuals. The people from all walks of life are influenced by using social media websites. The attempts to increase social network in terms of personal and professional relationships enabled individuals to share their thoughts and personal information over these portals. The positive side of the picture can be described in terms of increased maintained of old and new social contacts (Trusov

However the increased interactions with each other through social media provided a chance for persons to share their domestic issues and seek advice. It also allowed the individuals to promote their profile to multiple users and through creating a sympathetic view of their profiles create personal comfort zone with known or unknown individuals. It is observed that students and low aged group uses social media extensively.

Hence the impacts studied in various researches provide evidence that the social media usage of students have multiple negative impacts. Abusive behavior, development of affectionate relationships, and frequent unethical practices are also among the negative impacts. It is also likely for students to develop a habit of continuously remaining in contact with the opposite sexed entities create an impact on their lives. The aged communities are also among recipients of negative impacts. The frequent interactions with friend create a continuous threat for individuals to be attracted to each other and as a result develop relationships that can affect already formulated marital relationships.

Virtual presence of an individual on Facebook:

The human beings are social animals and they relate either to their family or to the groups. The affiliations are also referred to the social belongingness of individuals. The social groups that are related also share values and norms. The social interactions were mostly physical prior to introduction of internet. However telephone interactions were only form of virtual social interactions. The usage of inter-especially social networking sites changed the paradigm of interactions. It also enabled the individuals and social groups to formulate a constant presence on internet through which they express their opinions and associations. The individuals are virtually present in various locations of the world regardless of their physical presence. It has created complete new meanings to social interactions.

The usage of web technologies for connecting through voice, image, and live videos has enabled the societies to interact freely over internet. However there are various implications of such interaction including the actual expressions of body language and emotional attachments. Two or more individuals present in different locations do not share the similarity in their environments and respond to the actual situations in different manner. It is also likely that the physical expressions are not communicated through social interactions as appropriately as they are presented in physical meetings. The impressions created by the virtual interaction are limited to the understanding of individual perceptions. The actual communications and expressions are also… [END OF PREVIEW]

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