Facilitating a Geographical Corporate Environment Research Paper

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During these years, it was possible to argue that no specific social agenda for poverty reduction or increased social benefits was needed, since the benefits of economic growth would eventually spread out to the population as a whole. [13] In fact, economic growth led to improvements in income for all social sectors, but income inequality also increased, lending credence to the mistaken notion that economic development is based on increased exploitation of the working class (Schwartzman, p. 29)."

Recommmendations to TNGY

The information contained in this report should serve as a working tool by which the company might set goals for establishing its business in the country of Brazil. There is opportunity to demonstrate environmental humanitarianism, and to meld the business of TNGY with the goals of the people of Brazil and its government in a way that TNGY becomes an integral part of the life and business of Brazil. This can be while at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities doing business in Brazil affords the company to realize certain economic gains of its own, and to expand its operations throughout South America.

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The political ally in Brazil is an aspect of TNGY's position in the country that much work should be put into cultivating, but it is cautioned that TNGY remain politically non-committed, and instead focus on assisting in the social development and technological advancement of the country, which will serve TNGY well. Brazil has had a historic unstable political situation in the country, and so long as TNGY remains focused on the business, affording Brazil the opportunity to experience the mutual benefit of TNGY's humanitarian philanthropy and technological advancement, then the current government and any subsequent administration will be welcoming of TNGY in Brazil.

Research Paper on Facilitating a Geographical Corporate Environment Assignment

The ways in which TNGY can support Brazilian infrastructure is to education, express a desire to see Brazil's urban areas renewed in ways that are environmentally and socially healthy and productive. TNGY should be a good employer, paying the Brazilians a reasonable living wage, and should contribute to either a group medical plan, or support a healthcare agenda that will benefit TNGY's workers.

TNGY must practice ecologically sound business practices, and embrace Brazil's natural in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the importance of Brazil's natural resources to the rest of the world.

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