Facility Research Red Rock Country Club Term Paper

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Facility Research Red Rock Country Club

Red Rock Country Club Facilities Analysis:

The Red Rock Country Club is a private country club/resort that offers the finest in amenities, including a variety of recreation offerings with a strong focus around golf, other outdoor offerings as well as a variety of social events and opportunities. The Red Rock Country Club Website located at www.redrockcountryclub.comstresses several major offerings of the Club:

Energy, Sport, Relaxation

The most prestigious social calendar in the community, Red Rock Country Club offers an exclusive, truly private setting where Members enjoy an incomparable level of personal attention.


From natural beauty, to world-class amenities, and a wide array of year-round events for Members, Red Rock Country Club offers a privileged few a lifestyle unparalleled in Las Vegas.

Two Arnold Palmer Signature Courses

Rolling fairways, dramatic water features and multi-tiered greens characterize the 7001-yard, par-72 Private Mountain Course and the 6883-yard, par-72 Public Arroyo Course at Red Rock Country Club. With a minimum of five tee placements per hole, players of all levels can enjoy a challenging and exhilarating world-class golfing experience.


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The Sports Club provides Members with a wide variety of ways to exercise, unwind or simply relax. From being pampered in a private massage suite to perfecting your serve on the tennis courts, the choices are virtually endless. (Red Rock Country Club Website:Overview (http://www.redrockcountryclub.com/countryclub/overview.html)

The Club is located in the beautiful and exciting Las Vegas Nevada, in an idyllic location that is centered in an exclusive gated community called Summerlin, a Master Planned Community and one of America's best selling communities, according to the Red Rock Club Website. (Location: (http://www.redrockcountryclub.com/countryclub/location.html)

Conception and Plan/Financing/Marketing:

Term Paper on Facility Research Red Rock Country Club Red Assignment

The Red Rock Country Club is a private oasis that is the center of the social and recreational amenities offered by the Sunrise Colony Company, as a part of the larger development of Summerlin and the is the agency that conceived of the Red Rock Country Club as the axis of the plan. The mastermind behind both the Club and the Red Rocks Community is the Sunrise Colony Company President and CEO William Bone, who allocated funds to develop the idyllic location, through his development company, which specializes in the development and maintenance of golf courses. Sunrise Colony Company is designated a vertically integrated company as their initial goal was to develop and manage golf courses but in the last thirty five years has diversified to the development and management of exclusive gated communities, surrounding their award winning golf courses. Sunrise Company was the winner of the 1999 and 2002 National Housing Quality Silver Award: For Commitment to Quality and is currently developing four award winning country club communities in Nevada, California and Texas in addition to a 35-year history of award winning golf coarse, community and estate construction and administration, including eight other facilities similar to the Red Rock Country Club. (Sunrise Company Website at (http://www.sunriseco.com/)

In 1997, concept plans were submitted to the Clark County Planning commission and approved, construction of Red Rock Country Club Community began in 1998, with the Red Rock Country Club building and grounds developed after the first phase of the community construction began to receive revenue from club fees paid by homeowners. The Summerlin Community and Red Rocks Country Club Community are considered still in development, as the final home count will reach the approved 1,160 homes. (Expanded from the original approval of 1,100 semi-costom single family homes) (Sunrise Company Website at (http://www.sunriseco.com/)The Summerlin Community, of which the Red Rocks Country Club and Community is a part currently spans 22,500 acres located in the shadow of the Spring Mountain Range and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with the overriding development agent being Howard Hughes Corporation. (Summerlin Community Website at (http://www.summerlin.com/home.html) The Sunrise Company was the financial source of the Red Rocks Country Club, as a result of their success in the development sales and administration of many other clubs and several other planned communities. Membership fees are a way to ensure continued support and availability of the facilities at Red Rock Country Club and this as well as the event fees will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. The homes within the Red Rock Country club community range from between $400 and $2 million dollars.


Project promotion was a shared venture between the Summerlin Community marketing plan as well as the Red Rocks Country Club Community. Adds, newspaper, television, brochures and displays of the Summerlin Community featured the Red Rocks Country club as one of the many recreational offerings in the development, which is structured as a multi-use community with both business and residential villages, all with differing themes and architectural affect. Red Rocks Country Club and the "village" surrounding it are promoted as an aspect of the larger community that revolves around golf and other outdoor recreation offerings through the Country Club.

Red Rock Country Club offers two classifications of membership: Resident and Invitational. Resident Memberships will be offered to owners of property in the Red Rock Country Club community. Invitational Memberships will be offered to persons who do not own property in the Red Rock Country Club community. If an Invitational Member acquires a residence or home site in the Red Rock Country Club community, the Invitational Membership will automatically be converted to a Resident Membership upon submission of a new Agreement. (Red Rocks Country Club Website: Membership (http://www.redrockcountryclub.com/membership/opportunities.html)

Internet, referrals from current members with incentives, marketing to local residents outside the club community are all sources of membership. Additionally, current promotion occurs in the area of executive and company membership packages, are promoted, as well as family memberships through flyers to the local community and direct mail to home buyers in the larger Summerlin Community, when the purchase price of their new home exceeds $650,000 or high rise condominiums over $750,000 dollars. The Summerlin News, a publication for all Summerlin residents is also a good source of promotion and 88% of the current membership lives within the Summerlin Community. The Red Rocks Country Club membership is confirmed through an application process by a membership committee that is elected among members every year, the committee is also responsible for marketing and promoting marketing changes. Lastly a Sampler Flyer package is offered to resident and non-resident members at a cost of $5,000 dollars per year plus club fees. The building company Toll Brother's Homebuilders is in close communication with the Club and provides a list of new home purchasers to the club so the club can contact them to inquire about their interest in membership to the club.


The contract for construction of the Red Rock Country club was awarded to Reoll Construction, who built all the facilities including the clubhouse and the architect in charge of building was Altevers.

Architect: Altevers Associates - Robert J. Altevers, AIA; Dave C. Irelan, AIA; Clifton Smith and Aimee Altevers

Civil Engineer: VTN Nevada

Electrical Engineer: Konsortum 1

General Contractor: Roel Construction

Interior Designer: Altevers International

Landscape Architect: HSA Design Group

Mechanical Engineer: Glumac International

Structural Engineer: Grayner Engineering

According to the University of Las Vegas, Nevada Architecture Studies Library, the foundation of the design as the design team indicated was as follows:

Design Approach: Surrounded by the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park, the design concept for the country club was inspired by the terrain's natural beauty. The combination of the Prairie design style, building materials and architectural details resulted in a facility that exists in harmony with the landscape. (University of LV Libraries Website at (http://www.library.unlv.edu/arch/aia/awa2003/b03016.html)

The construction of the golf courses, of which there are two the private Mountain Course and the resort Arroyo Course (completed in 2003) were conceived and conducted by Arnold Palmer Coarse Design Company. (Sunrise Company Website: Profile (http://www.sunriseco.com/profile.html)

Start Up Costs

Initial investment for the country club and community was in fart organized by the investment and funding group Colony Capital (Colony Capital Website: Investments (http://www.colonyinc.com/residential.php) but as the Red Rocks Country Club is not a publicly traded entity information about the amount of initial investment is very limited.

6. ***List at least THREE of the following preliminary costs: site acquisition, cost of bond issue, site development, construction costs, promotion and publicity.


Maintenance and Management

Currently there are two major construction and/or maintenance issues and they are a recent event of cracking and leaking in the ceiling area of the clubhouse. The problem has recently been resolved through patching and painting but will continue to be monitored and maintained through careful consideration of drainage issues and interior movement of the structure. An additional maintenance problem that is in constant consideration is the need to effectively and efficiently utilize scarce water resources as water is a constant need for golf courses and best practices are essential to the ability of the courses to stay green and attractive, as is demanded by the facility and the people who use it. Water/Irrigation is the largest overhead expense of the club, and limitations of daily water usage are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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