Failure in Leadership Essay

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Failure in Leadership

An instructive case study of a failure in leadership and management capability

Barrack Obama on good leadership

Leadership is a lucrative field that demands a lot of simulation and hard work from the participating agents. In most cases, the society leaders have failed to expose possible approaches and management opinions that are directed at establishing the best from an organization. One of the case studies involving failure in leadership is that of Obama on economic development of the United States of America. The president of the United States of America, Barrack H. Obama has been known for his lucrative leadership contributions and decisions in the country. Like many other American president, Barrack Obama has continued the good work of preserving the sovereignty of the country while introducing several policies that work towards fostering growth and development in the country. Nonetheless, the recent publication on the economy has adverse effects on his presumed leadership capabilities.

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In March 2006, Barrack Obama stated that he was committed to engaging in debates that fostered reduction in the amounts of debts in among the people of the United States of America. There are many debts among the people and within the state structures of governance, growth and development. Before making the determined proclamation, Obama had promised to serve the people of the United States of America with more reduced burdens and challenges that came due to increase in debts. The America's debt limit was exceptionally high and needed immediate action in order to reduce it to a level friendly to the people and the country as a whole. The fiscal policies that were introduced by the president were later termed to be reckless and non-beneficial to the country. The policies showed that the country was not in a position to pay for its debts as promised by the president.

Essay on Failure in Leadership Assignment

Because of failure in leadership, the country stood the ground of being one of the countries that depend on assistance from other foreign nations. The financial constrains exposed how the nation was and could be in desperate situations as it seeks to alleviate debt increases with foreign investment and assistance. The fiscal policies involved by the government in a bid to reduce on the debt levels were termed to be reckless and burdensome to the country. Increase in debts weakens the country in two platforms.

The domestic financial structures are dealt an enormous burden with increases in debts. Domestic financing is sentimental to the general growth and development of the country. For instance, the country depended on domestic production as a way of increasing the possibility of having a uniform and stable economy. Such an economy was purposed to influence on individual and general productivity within the country. Nonetheless, many sectors of the economy could not survive growth and expansion due to increase in the levels of taxes.

Increase in taxes deters the levels of international growth and development of the country's economy. Debts reduce the total input that could be used to increase on the country's productivity. In most cases, debts stagnates every plan set by organizations and business corporate in trying to achieve to the performances of an international corporation. At the end of it, the organization fails to succumb to the ordinances of an international organization. With the failure that came upon the country, the structures exposed by the government on the people and organizations could not enable them to dwell within the precepts of maintaining increased and developed productivity. Poor leadership skills and influences were categorical in establishing a formidable experience in this field.

The country together with the leadership of president Barrack Obama failed in three ways. Making of unhealthy choices and shifting them to the younger and future generations are a monumental failure demonstrated by the Obama government when it took office. With the knowledge that most of the ordinances within the policies were detrimental to the children and grand children of the country, the president could not resolve the issue with urgency of other policies and practices. Washington lives to issue debts and burdens to people without having information and recovery measures that ensure citizen responses are considered.

Many grounds describe how Americans have accessed what they do not deserve in their own country. The present-state economic conditions in the country are a thing to bother bearing in mid how difficult it is for citizens to survive. In most cases, the president has not managed to live up to the promises and advances made at the first time he entered to the office. Initially, the president has stated that his administration was committed to creating an unprecedented magnitude of openness in his government.

Nonetheless, many Americans are not able to access the basic commodities that lie behind the promise. The president had assured citizens that he would work together with them in order to attain a high level of openness. Moreover, he would establish trust among all the people of the United States of America.

The government of President Obama is relevant to the general performance of any leadership parameter in the world. One of the categorical aspects that can be identified by a leader is how the president has not managed to please many sectors of growth and development. For instance, Obama's government had promised to protect the nation and establish mechanisms that ensured equitable governance and distribution of services to all the people. Because of the misappropriations in governance, the president has not managed to be a formidable limelight as expected by the people of the United States of America. Nonetheless, it is evident that most of the economic policies and plans set by the president and his team have not worked well with the people of the United States of America.

Raising the limit of debts as a failure of leadership

The levels of debt allowances in the United States of America were not expected to rise to the level that happened during the leadership of president Barrack Obama. For instance, the total levels of debts rose from eight trillion to nine trillion. After establishment, most parameters and policies laid by the president and his team could not cater for equitable recovery strategies. Leadership failure is notable from the way in which most of these parameters were implemented in the country. The rise in the levels of debts is detrimental to the general stability of the country and the people of the United States of America. In the first instance, the leadership of President Obama had reiterated that it had all the intentions and mechanisms to establish an equitable economy that would enable the country to exercise a wise tradition of making a difference in managing debts.

One of the notable challenges experienced by the president and his team is based on wrong policies. These policies were issued to the house of Washington in establishing a balance of trade in the country. Failure developed right from the rudimentary measures that were put in place as to cater for the differences expected of the state. Based on the reasons drawn from comparing the global trend of the economy to that of the United States of America, it was possible to establish a resilient economy that would thwart any future occurrence of debt increase.


There are various Recommendations that can be given as relates to this failed leadership. President Obama leadership is not secluded to experiencing challenges in growth and development. Many leaders globally have had difficulties in managing their people, policies, and other aspects concerned with leadership. In order to exert enough emphasis on good leadership traits, it is necessary for the country to adopt equitable approaches of achieving the best in its economic exemplifications.

A good leadership principle should foster openness and uniformity of culture. One of the aspects of leadership that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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