Failure to Thrive "Is There Any Research Proposal

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¶ … Failure to Thrive

"Is there any way to make him more comfortable?" Anand looked at his father, lying on the cold, narrow, hospital bed.

"I'm sorry, sir," said the nurse. "I'm just here to take his blood -- the labs need to do some more tests. If you want more pillows for him or to elevate him, you'll have to call an orderly."

"Make sure they send those damn samples to the lab that is covered by my insurance," groaned Anand's father. Anand looked up at the ceiling, trying not to cry. It was just like his father to be concerned about things like this. He had no doubt that his father had spent more time on the phone fighting with his health insurance provider than researching his illness. Weak as he was, when Anand had come to the hospital several months ago, to see his father for the first time in a year, he had found his father shouting on a cell phone that the insurance company would be cursed. "I hope you have a miserable old age and may cancer eat you and your savings alive," his father bellowed to the employee who had the misfortune to direct Mr. Singh's call.

"Hello, Mr. Singh." A young, slender South Asian man in the white coat shook his patient's, then Anand's hand.

"I am his son," said Anand.

"I am the oncologist now assigned to Mr. Singh's case."

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"Yes, they said you would be coming by today," said Mr. Singh, brightening for the first time, as if thrown a lifeline. Anand looked at this man, who seemed to embody the dream life his father had wanted his son to lead. Probably graduated Harvard Medical School, married a girl from a carefully arranged marriage from India.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Failure to Thrive "Is There Any Way Assignment

But how could Anand have become a doctor? He had always hated hospitals, at least, ever since what the family had always called 'the accident' -- the car crash that had occurred when he was in his final year of college, barely twenty. He had been coming home from the gym after a fun game of football with his friends. Always athletic, a top college tennis player, he even entertained the idea of pursuing a professional career. But all of that had come to an end that day when he was crossing the street. A careening Ford pickup ran a red light and the next thing he knew he was hurling through the air. There was a sickening snap which took Anand a minute to realize was his own body against the pavement. He could hear the car as it heaved away. He wondered if they had even seen him, but then he heard the ugly words: "dot head" screamed from the window. A tin beer can clanked to the pavement beside him.

It always seemed to Anand that in those few seconds everything had gone wrong. So long as he had tennis and his physical health, his family had respected him. But after he lost tennis, he lost everything. The police found the men and Anand and his family won a small settlement from them that was enough to pay for the rest of his college, now that he no longer qualified for an athletic scholarship. But the money could not buy back his loss of confidence. He would walk with a slight limp for years afterwards.

Unlike the other, mostly white boys at the university, he lacked social ease. He could not relax talking to girls. The other jocks could get Bs without studying and laugh -- Anand would study, but would become so wound up with anxiety… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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